Road Risk Management For Your Business Fleet

When it comes to running a business, there is plenty of responsibility. You have your employees to think about along with the general day to day running of the business itself. It’s no easy task, which is why it’s worth delegating the important jobs that can sometimes be overlooked. 

As part of your business model, you may have seen the benefit of adding a fleet of company cars for specific employees to use. This might be for the purpose of their job. It may be a perk of working for the company. Or you may allow your employee to use it for both business and personal use. Having a business fleet can be a big benefit to your business, and can be a great way to ensure that your business operates in the best possible way. You could even have advertising on the vehicles as another way to showcase what your business is all about. 

Whatever the reason may be, there is a lot that both you and your employee need to take into consideration when they get the benefit of a company vehicle. 

The Employer

The employer has a duty of care to make sure the employee knows exactly what is required of them when it comes to the use of their company vehicle. They must adhere to any guidelines that have been set. They need to be in possession of a driving license. Most companies require that they don’t have any road convictions such as speeding fines and offenses. 

The employer has a duty of care to provide a roadworthy vehicle. That means a valid MOT if applicable and a car that has been serviced and maintained regularly. This is where you, who is in charge of the business, may overlook certain things due to the sheer length of your responsibilities. When it comes to taking care of your fleet. With all the duty of care and compliance that goes with it, then it’s a good idea to seek some help from a professional company. Companies such as Visa to Drive offer this exact service. It can be a real time saver for employers and takes care of all the legal jargon. 

The Employee

Just like the employer has a duty of care to provide roadworthy and insured vehicles. The employee has a responsibility as well. This doesn’t just mean a valid driving license and being an insurable person. This is about your duty of care when it comes to the use of the vehicle. Road risk management doesn’t just mean your employer is offering a car suitable for the road, but more on how you drive the vehicle and take care of it. 

The employee has the responsibility to use the vehicle correctly. So no speeding on motorways, or leaving the vehicle in a mess. As much as this is a benefit to you, the car still doesn’t belong to you. If you abuse the company car system, you run the risk of losing the car use. This could have an effect on your job. As an employee you also need to look after the vehicle and keep it in good condition. Report any issues so that they can be rectified, and keep the vehicle looking in the best possible condition. Regular valets would be recommended. 

Of course, things can happen when it comes to road incidents. It might be that you end up getting a ticket for going over the speed limit slightly, or perhaps you are unsure of a crossover in speed and have been caught accidentally. Maybe you feel like an incident has taken place and you have been wrongly accused. This is when you may want to look into experts who can get rid of a speeding ticket for you. They could look at the situation and be able to provide evidence of the issues in place, and hopefully get rid of the speeding ticket. This would be a cost to you, but it can go a long way with your employer to show that you are taking responsibility for your actions. 

An employer should inform the government of any tax issues or changes; it’s also your responsibility to let them know you now have use of a company car. This does affect your tax and if you don’t let them know you could end up with a hefty bill. 

A company car can be a benefit to both an employer and an employee. The employer puts the tools in place and the employee gets the job done. Good road risk management is essential to both parts. 

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