What Do YOU Offer Your Brand?

When launching a business, or even ruminating in the planning stages, it’s easy to think about how you should conform to the market and what you should do to attract it. It’s easy to think about those things because obviously, they matter.

But the truth is that these efforts are hardly unique or solely limited to you. Every business wants a piece of the pie. So – could being a little more unique help you flourish? Is that what your customers could be looking for – authenticity, even if it’s a little less refined than usual?

We believe so. In this post, we’ll pose and answer one simple question – what do YOU offer your brand? Let’s explore those interpretations in the post below:

Authenticity & Genuine Connection

What if the true key to flourishing in your business isn’t just about adhering to the norms and paying lip service to corporate ideals, but embracing your authenticity? 

Authenticity, often overlooked and sometimes even minimized to generate a more friendly image, could just be the untapped essence that resonates with your audience. For example, if you handmake wonderful hair clips or accessories, you can describe your process, what inspired you, and how your creative interests contributed to your design.

Let’s face it, our world and many of our markets are saturated with generic approaches, but the genuine connection you forge with your customers, even if it’s a tad unconventional and personable, might be the distinguishing factor that sets your brand apart. Be sure to ask yourself, what unique mark of authenticity do you bring to the table? Is it your cultural heritage? Your experience in an industry? Your warm personality? People will sometimes pay a premium for that. In a world where so many local shops are being outsold by chains, you may also seem like a breath of fresh air.

Versatility & Adaptability

As a smaller business, you have room to pivot. Most people don’t stay the same as years pass, and for that reason, your business could change its approach to certain measures too. For example, perhaps you’ve become a little softer on outsourcing certain elements of your branding.

There’s often a resounding emphasis on adhering to industry norms, at least for many enterprises, but you have the chance to subvert that. For example, if you’re a beekeeper that sells honey from their home business, because you could pivot into additional skincare products made from raw honey, or even beeswax candles that burn for longer than any other variant.

As you can see, having the space to be versatile and to think through multiple options for moving forward can be a boon, not a limitation. You may be surprised just how well that works out, and how dynamic it lets your firm become. Moreover, you’re best placed to motivate that approach, because you know your brand and its unique characteristics first and foremost.

Trustworthiness & Ethical Conduct

You don’t need to have a corporate empire to be a good person with a healthy business that matters to a community. Being a small business owner is inherently more trustworthy, especially if you let people into your process and are proud of how you do things. 

While big corporations wrestle with their public image, your small ship can navigate the waters of trust by putting out social media updates, being present with your community, shooting videos with your iPhone for your YouTube channel, and making exciting announcements that you’re excited about.

Moreover, share your values openly – be it sustainable sourcing, fair employment practices, or community involvement. Perhaps you sell to the LGBTQ+ community and want them to know they’re accepted without hesitation.

Being upfront about your ethical compass not only fosters trust but also attracts like-minded customers who champion your cause too. That’s not to say you need to be a figurehead, but you can certainly say what you mean without shame. That makes transparency a real strength, one you may utilize for some time to come.

Continuous Learning & Open-mindedness

Another truth to consider is that being a small business owner doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out. If you’re vocal about how you’re learning and growing as a business leader, that can be endearing, and people will give you more leeway.

For example, you might dive into studies during your downtime – whether it’s online courses, industry articles, or attending workshops it doesn’t matter. Your open-minded approach to continuous learning not only keeps you ahead of the curve but also infuses your business with fresh perspectives too. For example, perhaps you’re a guitar teacher, but you also study composition to potentially score some indie movies in your city. As you can see, expanding your reach is always a healthy thing to do.

It also inspires your customer base. Who wouldn’t want to buy from someone who is doing all they can to better their professional standing? It’s an inspiring and interesting connection to foster.

Reliability & Consistency

Ultimately, a small or home business isn’t about serving a massive clientele; it’s about making every relationship count. Your commitment to delivering quality service time after time creates a ripple effect that resonates with those in your community. You can even encourage that word of mouth by offering discounts to referrals. 

Remember, small doesn’t mean insignificant; it means forging meaningful connections. Focus on this like you would a formal friendship, hoping to be connected but proving that with reliable action. As an individual, this might mean being present at community events, handling complaints with grace, thanking people deeply for their custom, and even sending holiday cards to your best clients.

If you can remain the reliable constant in your customers’ journey – from timely deliveries to consistent quality – they will return to you time and time again. It’s inspiring to have this kind of trust, and you’ll feel ever more responsible for keeping on top of that as time goes by.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to offer the best of your brand going forward, and it will be down to your values, output and capabilities.

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