Toto Steubesand is an Expert in Military Security

Toto Steubesand’s roots can be traced back to Germany, where he lived as a child with his family. Toto’s family life instilled in him the drive to succeed, and after graduating from high school, he and his family entered the industrial laundry business. Because of his accomplishments in industrial laundry and his expertise in the field, he decided to further his education by earning a bachelor’s degree in textile cleaning.

Toto Steubesand was well-liked for his devotion to his family and his job; he had worked alongside his father for many years before the latter’s business failed in the early 1920s. Toto continued on his journey and in 1995 he enlisted in the German Navy. During his nine years of service to his country, he was assigned to various positions on board a variety of ships and boats.

Toto Steubesand was an expert in both acoustic and human intelligence during his time in the German military. He worked tirelessly for years to rise through the ranks of the international Special Forces community, eventually becoming a field HUMINT leader and then a tactical HUMINT leader. Toto Steubesand stood out amongst his peers and only advanced in his career. In 2012, Toto progressed in rank and was summoned to Pensacola, Florida, to participate in the Anti-Terrorism/Anti-Piracy Class for Staff Officers (NITC Netsafa intern. Trainings center). Toto served 15 different tours in Africa, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Europe. After years of service to his country and the Navy, he decided to retire.

Toto served his country and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but he proved he was a true soldier in spirit by pursuing other careers. Toto Steubesand became CEO of ZST Security Service Consulting and Technology GmbH in Bordesholm, Germany, near Kiel, in 2013. Seven years later, he became an executive partner at the company. Toto and his associates founded the International Academy of Security to help him and ZST succeed in the market (IAS). With this new program, Toto and his colleagues at the academy taught roughly a hundred people how to use firearms and rifles safely and effectively every month, all in preparation for high-stakes close protection jobs.

The German Task Force of Marine Security recognized Toto Steubesand’s talents and sought him out for a leadership position. He now serves as chairman of the BDSW group.

Toto, a multifaceted individual with many pursuits, launched a martial arts academy that same year (2016). AbwehrKraft, his Kiel-based academy, instructs law enforcement officers, military personnel, and other authoritative figures from around the world in close quarters combat and the use of firearms.

Toto has worked in the business world and the entertainment industry. In 2021, he was cast in the “Celebrity Hunted Germany” series on Amazon Prime Germany. Toto may return in 2023, although the show is currently on hiatus due to the 2020 pandemic.

Toto Steubesand is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field of military security and is frequently sought after for speaking engagements, training sessions, and coaching.

Follow the latest from Toto on his Instagram Page @toto_steubesand

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