The RV Book Fair 2022

September is finally here, which means that The RV Book Fair 2022 is starting this month!

Lucia Matuonto and Pat Backley are delighted to be hosting 20 incredible guests from all walks of life who will be talking about a wide range of topics, such as creativity, self-improvement, inspiration, neurovariance and so much more. 

Our guests will also be sharing their stories and journeys. You will learn not just about their books, but the people behind the books we love. 

We are also hosting a giveaway where 50 lucky winners will win a printed copy of one of these featured books for free, delivered right to your door!

These authors will be featured on The Relatable Voice magazine. You can get your free issue on our website!

So what are you waiting for? Check out The RV Book Fair 2022

Find out more at :

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