The Evolution of Wedding Dress Styles: From Classic to Modern

It feels like time passes with the speed of light. However, some things remain unchangeable. It’s all about love, of course, and the desire of people of all ages to get married! However, wedding fashion is constantly evolving. If the first wedding dresses were more dramatic and were decorated with maximum elements, modern wedding dresses are much more simple and emphasize the special style, character and natural beauty of the bride. It’s impressive how wedding dresses have evolved through the years, so let’s dive deep into the exciting history of wedding fashion!

Classic Wedding Dresses

Starting from the Victorian and Edwardian era, brides have started to wear that type of wedding dresses that we used to define classic. Tight elegant corsets and high waist that make that outstanding hourglass body shape, voluminous skirts with many layers (the more layers the better) and strict long sleeves — all these elements composed that special aesthetics of the countess. Classic wedding dresses were sewed from expensive and noble fabrics like silk, satin and lace. The color of classic wedding dresses was white or with cream shade. The specific characteristic of wedding dresses of that era is that they were abundant with embellishments. Gemstones, ruffles, buttons, embroidery, feathers, flowers — everything that we used to see in films about old times.

Revolutionary Fashion

Good bye, conservatism! Starting from 20-th century, wedding fashion faced radical changes. Instead of long ball gowns or dramatic mermaid wedding dresses the most popular choice among brides became short (maximum knee-lengths) dresses. Special attention was placed on jewelry — Gatsby style was on the rise so different beads, pearls and fringe were a must-have attribute of all wedding dresses. White and ivory were the predominant colors of wedding dresses in the twentieth century. Minimalistic and not traditional silhouettes were not just about fashion. It was a real manifest of feminine rights.

However, it’s worth to note that in late 1970-th, was the next turnout on wedding fashion and bohemian style became popular again. 


Nowadays, wedding fashion can be described as a bright mix of different styles, fabrics, and silhouettes. Do you want a long wedding dress or a short one? Or maybe you don’t want to wear a wedding dress at all — pantsuit or overall can be a winning choice for you! The main priority for modern brides is their ability to express themselves, feel comfortable and don’t overthink about other people’s opinion. There is a wide range of wedding dresses offered by different designers, so be sure that you’ll definitely find the one that you have dreamed about or tailor it from scratch with a highly-experienced designer. The main thing you should do first is to define your body shape correctly. Traditionally, we distinguish hourglass body shape, pear-like, triangle and inverted triangle, rectangle etc. For each of these body shapes you can easily find a perfect silhouette: ball gown, mermaid wedding dress, A-line dresses, romantic dresses with simple silhouettes and so on. Also you pick among various fabrics (satin, lace, silk, tulle, organza, chiffon, crepe, mikado, velvet, brocade, etc.) Keep in mind that fabrics of your choice should be appropriate for the season and place of your celebration. For example, if you’re going to have a beach wedding in summer you should choose lightweight breathable fabrics to feel comfortable and avoid overhitting. Also feel free to experiment with bright accents, extravagant massive jewelry, floral elements — it’s very trendy, so only your imagination is the limit!

No matter what wedding dress style you prefer — classic or modern — Yedyna Wedding Studios will help you find the perfect dress exactly for you! We guarantee top-notch quality of the wedding dresses, so you’ll feel like a real Hollywood star on your special day. Contact us and let’s start your charming wedding day preparations right now!

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