The Dyslexia Code

Today we are driving all the way to Ireland to talk to Karl the Leeuw. Karl is a researcher, book author and is here to talk about dyslexia. Dyslexia is very common and can create difficulty with skills like reading comprehension, spelling, writing and math. 

Welcome to The Relatable Voice Podcast !

by Karl de Leeuw

For far too long dyslexia has been seen as a curse. It’s time to celebrate the gift that dyslexia can be.

Making up about 10% of the world’s population, those with dyslexia have been pitied as sufferers and unable to conform to mainstream learning standards. Author Karl de Leeuw, along with his daughter, are both dyslexic, and want to prove to the world that not only is dyslexia not something to “suffer” from, but that it is the basis for natural-born creativity and entrepreneurship.

Using an fMRI, studies have shown that dyslexics use the right sides of their brain as opposed to the logical left-side that society maintains is the standard base level for learning. With so many new possibilities in learning out there, it’s time to embrace a different way of seeing things and that the GIFT of dyslexia opens up those with talents to the artistic sphere.

After all, intelligence has a number of different forms. For more information please go to

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