Texas-based Multi-Instrumentalist Versal Drops His Latest Album, “Versal Volume 2”

Composer Javier Velez, a.k.a. Versal, has released his latest album “Versal Volume 2.” This 8-track project is jam-packed with soulful and soothing music arrangements that will transport listeners to a whole new world of peace and serenity. Everything on the album has been meticulously crafted, giving the entire project a brilliant cinematic flair. It’s a seamless combination of orchestral and electronic elements, with modern electronic percussion pieces carefully orchestrated. This sonic adventure defies categorization entirely. The album begins with a very subtle song, “Simply,” which has been painstakingly crafted. Then there’s “Your Eyes,” a neon-hued bliss with elastic grooves that’s a unique take on doo-wop. “Pencil Strokes” is a thoughtful piece of music. “Stages” has a nice hint of funk running through it, while “Kind of Pink” has a trippy luster to it, thanks to elements of David Lynch. Despite its brief running time, “The Guardians of Montserrat” packs a powerful zing and the orchestral “Vivi Aquas Montserrate” is by far the core of the album, with its distinctive sounds. Versal closes the album with the reflective “Departed.”

Javier Velez has a diverse musical background, having played the flute, trombone, classical guitar, piano, trumpet, and organ. He began creating music at the age of 13 years old and had his first recording studio experience when he was 14 years old. He was conducting and arranging a handbell choir in Puerto Rico by the age of 20. Javier Velez has also worked on film and documentary projects as a director, director of photography, editor, composer, sound designer, CGI artist, colorist, dialogue editor, and designer, in addition to creating music that earworms listeners. He even creates artwork for his albums, which certainly makes him an all-around artist. Versal believes that musical abstraction, in its purest form, transcends languages, borders, cultures, ages, and races, uniting us all and making music truly universal and adding lyrics just defeats the purpose. He shares, “It’s like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting or a beautiful landscape; no need to define or explain what it is, it just is.”

“Versal Volume 2” is now available on all major music streaming services, including Spotify and YouTube. You can visit Versal’s website www.versalmusic.com for more information on his upcoming projects.

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