A Journey for More Freedom

“Sometimes I get questions on my most valuable core beliefs – or what is most important both in my personal and professional Life. My core values are Courage, Freedom and Love”, says Ulrika Karlsson, an international Author, Yoga Therapist, Spiritual teacher and Reader of the Akashic records. “Courage is needed to follow our Hearts deepest desires and not just following the crowd. Courage is also needed for those who seeks Freedom – on all levels.  Free to be who we are, free to speak our truths and being free spirits in free bodies. It takes courage to break free from one’s invisible and unconscious shackles, that we have carried and passed on through generations. It takes courage to Love, yourself and others, unconditionally in a world where we are taught conditioned Love, that you have to earn Love. Unconditional Love sets us free”. 

Ulrika´s line of work, as her books, are all about increasing consciousness and being more Heart centered. “An increased consciousness allows us to be freer, and we get to experience who we are on a Soul level. Then we individually and collectively can contribute to more Love and create a better world, in a higher state of consciousness. A higher vibration than we see in the world today”.

Ulrika´s own journey for more freedom, started when she suffered from mental illness and severe sleeping disorders. She was also being suicidal. Ulrika shares her story in a very raw way in her autobiography “2:47 am The Journey Home to My Heart”. Ulrika says the book is here to aid others who suffers from mental illness. To show them that they are not alone, and that they can use the inner darkness that Ulrika shares as a “trampoline” to dive into their own inner darkness and unresolved traumas. “Only when our unconscious inner traumas/wounds are being witnessed and felt we can transform them into more consciousness and Love”. When Ulrika was depressed all she longed for was to be free and healthy.

Her second book “Holy F*ck and Sacred Water – The Secret Connections to Everything” is bold and cocky. Holy´s mission is to increase our consciousness and to reactivate our inner dormant light codes. “Our inner water is so polluted as a result of our stressful lives and unresolved traumas – so we need to clear out these memories that resides in our cells and in our DNA. Only then we get access to the inner wisdom and the divinity that resides deep within all of us” …

Ulrika´s latest book “The Sacred Soul – A Divine Evolution through Time and Space” is about the downfall and the ascension process of our Souls. It´s mission is to remind you on who you are on a Soul level, and where you came from. You are a Divine Being from Divine Source. “When you remember who you are, you are pure Love and Free” …

A Karma clearing is an excellent tool for you to be more Free and to be realigned with your Sacred Soul. Ulrika helps you with that.

Connect with Ullis at ullis@ulliskarlsson.com

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