Online Shopping: A Snake Eating Its Own Tail

Online Shopping’s Impact On The World

I think online shopping is a great thing. I love the amount of stuff that you can buy online. It is really easy to shop online today, and it has made our lives much easier in many ways. Online shopping has also created many jobs for people who work at warehouses, packing centers, shipping companies etc., which means that there are more jobs out there for people looking to find work. However, this article isn’t about how awesome online shopping is – it’s about how we might be able to use this system against itself and create a whole new economy with very few negative effects on the world around us. So let me explain what I mean by “a snake eating its own tail”.

What Is A Snake Eating Its Own Tail?

The easiest way to explain what a snake eating its own tail means would be: “an infinite loop”. What happens if we take an infinite loop and combine it with something like Bitcoin? Well. I will buy anything with Bitcoin, and I’m sure you will too. So let’s say we make a website where we list everything that we can buy with Bitcoin and the price of each product (in USD). Let’s also assume that you want to buy a desk from this website for $150. If you have 0 BTC, then just choose 1 BTC as your price. When the site receives your order, it will send 1 BTC to the seller as payment for the desk ($150 worth of Bitcoin), and then it will send 0.01 BTC ($0.15) back to you as change so that you have enough money in your account to purchase other items on other sites on our site!

Benefits Of Shopping Online With Bitcoin

Now there are a few benefits here: firstly, shopping online with bitcoins is much easier than shopping online with dollars because all I need to do is look up how many bitcoins equal one dollar and then use those amounts directly when purchasing items from an online retailer or store – there is no need for me convert anything into my local currency! Also, if I am using an e-wallet like Coinbase or Blockchain instead of having actual bitcoins stored somewhere else on my computer or phone…then it’s impossible for me to lose my money because crypto-currency isn’t actually “stored” anywhere – It exists only in public keys which can be used at any time by anyone who has access to them.

How Online Shopping With Bitcoin Is Different

So here’s how online shopping with crypto-currency is different than traditional online shopping: Instead of the payment system eroding the value of your money by adding to their profit margins through fees, it actually increases the value of your money because you save money on every single purchase! For example, if I bought a $150 desk for 1 BTC ($150) and 0.01 BTC ($0.15) went back to me in change…then I would have 1.015 BTC ($166). Now obviously if I want to buy something else or even use my “change” – or any other free bitcoins that are left over in my account – then I will have to spend them either by using an e-wallet service like Coinbase or Blockchain (which takes a small percentage of every transaction as commission), or by exchanging them for USD which will cost me whatever exchange fee Coinbase charges plus whatever bank fees are charged for withdrawing that money into my bank account! But either way. I’m still ahead of the game because I’m saving money on every single purchase!

Conclusion: We Are In The Matrix!

So here’s the final breakdown: All of these places make their money by charging us fees to buy and sell things. They charge us in our local currency and then we convert that into Bitcoin when we want to buy something online. If they charged in Bitcoin, then we would just keep our bitcoins in our e-wallet or exchange them for USD if we wanted – and then spend them again when we buy something else online! But instead they charge us all these fees…and they add up…and add up…and add up until the only people who can afford to shop online are big companies with lots of money, or rich people with lots of money, or people who haven’t figured out how much it costs them when you add all those small fees together. Now this is fine if you’re a billionaire like Warren Buffet (he owns Wells Fargo) …but most people aren’t billionaires and don’t have that kind of cash lying around.

I think it’s really important to know that there are options out there for us if we just start thinking about our needs and wants from a different perspective. Some of my friends ask me “are you going to buy a house with Bitcoin?” or “why don’t you save up enough money so you can pay cash for a car?” but they don’t realize that I have been doing this all along – by using crypto-currency to pay for my online purchases! If I want something, then I save up the required amount in Bitcoin, and then when I have enough money saved up – then I go ahead and buy whatever it is that I want. This way, when the time comes when bitcoin has dropped in value…then these things will be worth less than what they were when they were bought – but at least they will still be worth something! And with this strategy in place…I’m already one step ahead of everyone else who hasn’t figured out how to use the system against itself yet.

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