New findings show the value of virtual brand ambassadors

Web traffic increased by 350% and leads doubled when visitors speak with Digital Einstein personality.

UneeQ has today released its findings on the value of using digital humans as brand ambassadors to drive marketing engagement.

As the conversational AI platform market continues its drive to becoming a $17 billion industry by 2025, digital humans are being employed by major organizations as a way for brand personalities to hold two-way conversations with their customers.

Its most recent digital recreation was a lifelike version of Albert Einstein, produced in partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

UneeQ’s CEO, Danny Tomsett, said Digital Einstein had “validated the need for more personality in brand marketing,” and believes now is the ideal time for marketers to take note.

“Launching Digital Einstein was a chance for new generations to interact with one of the most influential scientists who ever lived as an AI companion,” Tomsett said.

“But what we also found was these personalities have a greater impact than even we imagined on the customer journey.

“We discovered just how valuable personality is throughout that marketing funnel. Our Digital Einstein performance shows a 5x increase in click-through rates on our social ads, a big reduction in our CPC, 112% increase in new contacts created and a 270% increase in booked meetings.”

The lifelike recreation of Albert Einstein, which users can speak to at any time for free, was painstakingly designed to be an accurate representation of the Nobel Prize winner’s personality – from his voice and accent to his appearance and mannerisms. Tomsett said this investment in personality was key to the project.

“The power of personality has arguably never been more important in marketing. Digital marketing is one-way communication. But brands have incredible personalities already available who can be empowered with emotion and conversation.

“In truth, it’s long been missing from the marketing journey – it’s just too hard to do with static marketing tools like FAQs and online forms.

“When was the last time an FAQ page made you smile, let alone laugh or listen to you? It’s actually people, personalities and two-way interactions that elicit that most basic human response.

The growing trend of digital human brand ambassadors

UneeQ, the Austin-based technology company with roots in New Zealand, has worked with brands in the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania on interactive digital brand ambassadors. Its client portfolio includes digital human versions of athletes like Rugby legend Sir John Kirwan, founders, CEOs, celebrities and even completely new personalities designed to embody the brands they work for.

One of the first brands to innovate with this technology was Noel Leeming – part of the largest retail group in Australia and New Zealand – which launched Nola in 2019 as the face of its new flagship store, and later website assistant.

Dylan Weymouth, Lead of Group Business Operations at the Warehouse Group, explained the value of the retail giant’s interactive ambassador.

“Branding Nola was a bit of a no-brainer for us,” he said.

“What it allows us to do is venture into how Nola becomes more of a personality for our brand as part of our marketing to customers and how our customers engage.

“There’s a whole opportunity around how we market using Nola – do we send our receipts from Nola, our EDMs and marketing, or do we do advertising using Nola. There’s lots of opportunities in that space to use her in our creative suite in our marketing and how we engage customers.”

In 2018 UneeQ also launched a “clone” of UBS Switzerland Chief Economist, Daniel Kalt. Reported by the Financial Times, Mr Kalt detailed what the digital brand ambassador might be able to do in the near future.

“Speaking with my clone was an amazing experience”, Mr Kalt explained. “It is about exploring the limits of technology, exploring what you can do with clients, how they will react. Ultimately, the clone might know a lot more detail than I do. I will learn to speak Chinese and Spanish.”

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