Love Is in the Air

Messages from 5 Love Crystals

For most of the Northern Hemisphere, the month of February is grey and cold, so it is excellent that we have Valentine’s Day in the middle of the month to lift our spirits and please our hearts. The big question is: What if you don’t have a sweetheart? Or you have lost your loved one? Does this mean that Valentine’s Day is a sad nuisance, there to remind you of your pain? Vivien decided to ask her “love” crystals for February messages for everyone, so that no matter the circumstances, we can all join in with the loving energy of February.

The first crystal that Vivien asked is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is famous to everyone for its loving, pink vibration, but it is not a frothy lightweight – Rose Quartz imparts some profound benefits, especially for the health of the heart. Rose Quartz says: Love is an essential ingredient to the development of the soul. The universe operates on the energy of love. Love is not reserved for people to people interactions, but for all interactions. We love inter-dimensionally. In addition to people, we love, and receive love from, angels, fairies, mythical creatures, spirits and ancestors. We love animals, crystals, flowers, trees, the ocean. We love our hobbies, our interests and our work. We love the morning, we love the evenings, we love the moon and we love the sun. For some, the sum of all these dynamics equals God, for others God is a more distinct entity. No matter what our spiritual beliefs are, Rose Quartz wants to remind us that everything and everyone that we love, loves us back. Rose Quartz also wants to remind us to remember to feel this love.

The second crystal that Vivien asked is Rhodochrosite. Rhodochrosite comes in many colors, but mostly pink and reddish-pink. Rhodochrosite says: Love is joy, and joy is love. When you think about it, you will realize that when you are giving love to someone else, you will be feeling joy. When you are feeling joy, you will be receiving love. Joy is the love vibration with an added bounce – the bounce of good times. People who don’t have love in their lives, will have no joy either. These two dynamics are inextricably bound to each other. Rhodochrosite continues with these words: Think about how one feels when one loses a loved one to the other side. Joy is gone, replaced by grief. This is because we think the love is gone too, and in a way, it is true – the joy has gone from the physical plane because the loved one has gone from the physical plane. Yet, once the loss is accepted and the grieving cycle has completed itself, the physical plane is transcended, the sense of connection is restored, and both the love and the joy do return. Rhodochrosite says: No love is ever lost.

The third crystal that Vivien asked is Pink Danburite. Vivien thinks of Danburite as the crystal of the “self” because it assists in all self-related dynamics, such as self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence and even self-love. Pink Danburite immediately asserts: Everyone should affirm their self-love on a daily basis. Self-love is not an indulgence, nor an egotistical whim. Self-love is a basic component of self-respect and offers the correct foundation for self-empowerment. If you want to make a contribution to your community, if you want to do good works on Earth, if you want to be effective, you need this foundation to hold you up so that your light can shine, and be seen, by those who need you. Danburite continues: You are the one who needs you most. Without you, there is no you. You are the slice of the universe that you have been given to take care of, to develop, to nurture. The better you do this, the better the universe becomes. The concept of self-care has gained tremendous traction in modern times. Kick it up a notch, and remember to add “self-love.”

The fourth crystal that Vivien asked is Morganite. Morganite is a Beryl, the pink version of Aquamarine. Morganite knows how to soothe pain with its loving energy. At the end of almost every Crystal Healing session where physical or emotional pain is present, Vivien coats the nerve endings with Morganite to bring relief and alleviate suffering. Morganite says: When you feel alone or unloved, seek comfort by giving love. This principle is 100% clear to pet lovers – they understand exactly how this works. Love exists in a feedback loop. When you give love, you will receive love. Receiving love is not a passive state, it begins with an action. Even more specifically, love begins with your action of giving love to someone or something else.

The fifth and final crystal that Vivien asked is Kunzite. Kunzite has a special place in Vivien’s heart as an enduring favorite. Kunzite comes in many different colors and is an especially strong stone, giving Kunzite its unique character. Kunzite says: Everything comes in a wave form, including love. Sometimes, we are riding high on a wave of love, and sometimes we are in the trough, feeling low and definitely not “feeling the love.” Trust the wave. And allow the wave to carry you up high again. This is the rhythm of the universe, and it can be seen in the rhythm of the ocean, the rhythm of our hearts and the rhythm of life itself. How wonderful that in your world, you have a month dedicated to outwardly expressing your love. Enjoy your month of February, enjoy the love!

Vivien is a teacher, practitioner, and author living in Cincinnati, OH. For more about Vivien, please visit

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