Interview with Dr.Paul Corona

Dr. Paul Corona was born and raised in Southern California. The author of the popular book, Healing the Mind and Body.  Dr. Corona’s second edition is a book of the same title but geared specifically to physicians and psychiatrists with details on implementation of the methodologies he has proven to work, time and time again. It took him 12 years to complete his three book set Healing the Mind and Body: The Trilogy, which is full of information that is useful for patients as well as physicians.

Hello Dr. Corona, welcome to BrandEducation! What inspired you to write “The Corona Protocol?

I was inspired to write my current book because I wanted to write a book that was different than my previous books. My first three books talk more about the science of what I do, and my fourth and fifth books that I wrote before this current one are intended to be training manuals for doctors and other prescribers which I plan to do later. I am a fan of fiction reading, so in this book I tell 30 original stories about people. I was inspired by my patients since I see so many interesting people and am exposed to so many interesting stories, so I really felt that I needed to share some.

Can you explain the core principles or main ideas behind the protocol?

The core principles of my protocol are to individualize the treatment by taking an extremely detailed and comprehensive history in order to figure out which neurochemicals are out of balance that need correction. The medications that I work with actually balance the neurochemistry in a person’s nervous system and only work if the chemicals being targeted need to be rebalanced. The protocol also requires working quickly to get people feeling better, often requiring a combination of different medications combined together, most likely in “off label” ways. The goal for every patient is remission, meaning getting people completely back to themselves or even better than before.

How do you envision “The Corona Protocol” impacting mental health treatment?

I envision my protocol impacting mental health by providing a new and fresh approach to treatment, in a cutting-edge way that is different than the typical psychiatric approach. My hope is that this book does so well that I create an interest in providers wanting to take the training course to learn my method. My fourth book is The Corona Protocol Prescriber’s Guide and my fifth book is The Corona Protocol 3 Secrets to Success. These books are finished but not yet released. The audience that I would be going for are primary care doctors, PAs and NPs.

What sets your protocol apart from other approaches to mental health?

What sets my approach apart is that I learned early on that the usual psychiatric rules are incorrect, so I learned to discard many of the psychiatric methods which I saw were not working that well and learned a lot on my own with reading and research in order to develop my methods. I combine different medications together in ways that I have not seen other providers do. My protocol works more quickly in order to get people feeling better as soon as I can in a safe and effective way. I typically get people completely better within 2 to 3 visits, with more complex patients needing more time.

Could you share some success stories or case studies from implementing the protocol?

Since I have done this for so long there are so many fascinating stories, which is what drove me to write my current book. I share a wide variety of stories, some based on patients I have seen and some based on my imagination. There are so many stories of people who come to see me feeling hopeless and miserable. My favorite cases are those who other doctors have not been able to help. It always gives me a thrill when I am able to figure it out and get their lives back on track. Some examples of challenging cases are fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, bipolar disorder, and many others.

What challenges did you encounter while developing or implementing the protocol?

There were several challenges along the way. The first was breaking away from primary care and moving into Mind-Body medicine full-time. It was difficult to hear from so many unhappy patients who needed to switch to one of the other doctors that worked for me. I also have a lot of personal struggles that I share in the latter part of the book. I wanted to be honest and transparent, and don’t want to say anymore about that until you read it. It is always a challenge also to talk certain people into getting treatment and taking medications when they are “anti-medication.” It’s frustrating to want to help somebody who will not accept the help.

How do you see the future of mental health care evolving with the integration of “The Corona Protocol”?

I want to reach as many doctors and patients as I can. This book is a start, and hopefully patients will read it and demand that their doctors try what I recommend. I am also hopeful that doctors will be open to me teaching them my protocol and how to implement it in their practices. I could create an online teaching course and have them read my two training manuals, and then I envision teaching using actual real case studies for what I call case stories. I could teach using my patients as examples of successful treatment or could also have the doctor introduce difficult or interesting cases that we could work on together. There are so many people that are suffering that need this kind of help, and my hope and prayer is to be able to get them the help that is so desperately needed.

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