Leading Global Market Researcher Ranks ‘fuel Ox’ A Major Player Destined For Market Dominance

Fuel Ox (www.fuelox.com) is having a major impact as a leading supplier of sustainable technologies and the highest quality additives, according to jaw-dropping market research released by QYResearch Inc.

“It’s gratifying to see our hard work on sustainable technologies and the highest quality additives so highly valued and Fuel Ox recognized as a leader,” said Rand Taylor, CEO & Co-Founder, Fuel Ox.  “Getting our NSF Certificate and being part of research that is truly moving the needle in sustainability is huge for us and we look forward to more recognition on all that Fuel Ox stands for,” added Taylor.

Fuel Ox, LLC began marketing this uniquely powerful line of additives in 2014. From these humble beginnings, President Rand Taylor and his son, Alec, proceeded to build a strong base of loyal customers by priding themselves on excellent customer service, attention to detail, and the prompt fulfillment of custom orders. Nine years later, Fuel Ox has grown to become an established company whose products are admired and depended upon by many corporate leaders, now including US Steel and Ford.

Fuel Ox products are sterling advancements in sustainability specifically regarding increased fuel efficiency, emissions reduction and increased life extension of machinery parts due to the use of revolutionary new plant-based lubricants.  A true catalyist in changes in commercial consumer mindsets re: Super fuel additives that reduce emissions while improving fuel efficiency and plant-based, toxin-free lubricants that outperform conventional ones by 500% or more.  The newest in industrial super strength fuel additives and lubricants that save the user huge amounts of money while also being eco-friendly.

The Fuel Ox® (www.fuelox.com) is an international corporation dedicated to providing fuel consumers with the most technologically advanced fuel treatments and lubricants on the market while helping them reduce their footprint on the environment with bio-based, eco-friendly, and almost completely toxin-free products.

Registered as Industrial Sustainability Group (ISG) and based in Asbury, NJ, Fuel Ox manufactures fuel additives and lubricants to help improve fuel efficiency and expand operating life and performance of industrial equipment while reducing maintenance costs, equipment downtime, emissions, and pollutants. Its flagship products are Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst and Infinity Lube™.

For more information regarding published market research: www.openpr.com/news/3281339/liquid-combustion-catalyst-market-top-growth-pockets

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