Invisible Monster

The Invisible Monster is always lurking in the dark. It may be dormant at times, but it’s always there…

My non-typical birth has paved the way for my entire non-typical life. I was born in a log cabin with no electricity or running water, then later moved to a teepee. Life happened, and I ended up in a Dayton ghetto. Life happened some more, which landed me in a small town in West Virginia. But everywhere I go, The Invisible Monster is always there. I am learning to slay my Monsters and have become quite fierce in the process. Try as it might, The Invisible Monster has no power over me. My story is not a story of hate. My story is not a story of trauma. My story is a story of HOPE. My story is a story of INSPIRATION. I’m telling my story to encourage others to shoot for the stars no matter what their reality is. I decided long ago I would not let my past dictate my future. From a two-year-old forest kid who was forced to perform oral sex; to a wife, mother, published author, model, actor, podcast host, and I’m just getting started. We all have the power to create the life we want, and I am living proof.

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