Interview With The Author William Stevenson

William Stevenson spent much of his career as president of National Tax Consultants, Inc where he distinguished himself as one of the few non-attorneys admitted to practice in front of the United States Tax Court. However, he also earned a Doctorate in Education from Temple University. Although this gave him a full understanding of how children learn, the Ricky’s Dream Trip Books were inspired by his personal experience as a Pop Pop. He wrote the books he would have liked to have for his grandson and the Ricky’s Dream Trip series was born.

Hello William, You are a poppop and a dad, writing children’s books, what do your kids and grandkids think of your work?

When my grandson, Ricky, was seven years old, I wrote a personal book about our dream trip through the solar system. The story was read to him by my daughter, Andrea, his mother.  Because of the personalized nature of the story, they both loved it.  It was never meant to be a commercial enterprise.  However, the success of the dream trip story and a client’s encouragement who had formed a company for self-publishers, I wrote an entire series of dream trips that appeared to be well received.

Do you think your kids/grandkids will follow in your footsteps and write as well?

My kids are adults in their 50s.  Their lives and careers have been set and writing is not an important part of it.  Ricky just graduated from Rowan University with a major in sound engineering.  He is also a talented musician and is the head of a band in which he plays the lead guitar.  Ricky is not inclined to write at this time of his life.

Why do you think your books resonate with kids?

The books are written on a foundation of the love of a grandfather for his grandson.  Life was breathed into each dream trip by the amazing artwork of Paul Fireman, President of Fireman Creative.  The series has universal appeal.  Parents and educators love the stories because they are based on actual history, and I have been told by adults that they learned things they never knew.  Teachers can also weave the stories into their lesson plans.  The books followed Ricky’s life and the writing style reflected his different ages as he grew older.

We live in a world of screens, what do you suggest to parents and grandparents who are trying to get their children/grandchildren to read more books or play outside?

Children seem to be inclined to read or be read to if they can identify with the characters in the story.  Following this concept, I wrote a series of books where my grandson was the main character.  In the short-term Ricky enjoyed the experience as it had a positive effect on his self-concept.  We will have to wait for the long-term to see if there is a residual benefit.

Can you tell me why your books are great for kids? Would parents also enjoy reading them?

The dream trip series is great for kids because they can identify with Ricky and his grandfather.  The readers feel they are actually in the story.  I also made an effort to highlight and honor females as well.  For example, the Vestals of Rome are a good example of the power of women and girls.  Parents enjoy the books because their kids love the concept, and they enjoy the history which comes to life for them.

Is there another dream trip in the series coming?

I am considering writing about a dream trip to visit Napoleon.

Any advice to grandparents who would love to leave a legacy for their grandchildren?

My suggestion is that you express your love for your grandchildren in your own way.  Your grandchildren will never forget how much their grandparents loved them.  Love is an eternal legacy.

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