Interview with the Author Deborah Herman

  • Hello Deborah Herman, welcome to BrandEducation! We live in a world of screens, what do you suggest to the audience to read more books?  

Too much screen time isn’t good for the eyes. I love books and have an enormous library. I have an online bookstore for the overflow. In fact, if I removed all the books from my 100 year-old New England home, I think it would rise at least a foot. 

Reading is transporting. While I love zoning out with screens, a good book is an experience that engages all the senses and ignites the imagination. 

  • Why do you think your books resonate with your audience?  

I have written some law-related books that were reviewed as self-help, which I believe is because of the conversational tone and my desire to help the reader with authenticity and humor. Remembering the reader when you write is vital because they seek information, inspiration, or entertainment. If there is no room for the reader to have a personal experience, they will not resonate with the work. I also strive for authenticity. Readers can sense the difference. 

  • What was your favorite book before becoming a writer?  

I was influenced by true crime creative nonfiction books like In Cold Blood and Helter Skelter. Although I am not necessarily enamored with the dark side, these books brought stories to life and combined journalism with creative technique. Thankfully I had the opportunity to write a true crime memoir and experience this creative nonfiction style.  

  • What would be your advice for future writers?

This is going to seem like a contradiction. First, write anything you can to gain experience working with editors and honing the craft. Second, write what excites you, not what you think will sell.

Third, don’t give up. 

Fourth, don’t compare yourself with other writers. 

Fifth, learn from people with credibility, and don’t read too many negative posts on social media about your prospects. Forge your own way.

  • Tell us more about the spiritual writer’s path. 

I have isolated spiritual writers because they tend to have a sense of mission. They have something they need to say and share but may not have the skills to do so. Therefore, before they approach publishing, I recommend they consider the challenges of the spiritual writer, which I describe in my book as the Seven Lessons of Soul Odyssey. To be a good messenger, you must ensure the material comes from the highest vibrations. Therefore, spiritual writers are held to a standard to rise above and to be vessels for authenticity and the Divine inner spark. 

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