How to Prepare for the Cisco Certification for Network Engineers?

The Cisco certification is highly recognized in IT industry, so many people want to take the Cisco certification exams. How to prepare for the Cisco certification for network engineers is the question of many friends who want to sign up for the certification exams. we will answer the question in detail for you.

Before preparing for the certification exams, you should first make clear which level of the Cisco certification you want to apply for. The Cisco certification is divided into three levels: CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. We believe that you have known about this. Among the three levels, the CCIE certification naturally has the highest value. If you have zero foundation and want to learn by yourself, it is recommended to choose the CCNA certification or the CCNP certification, because the CCIE certification is more difficult to be learned by yourself.

When it comes to self-study, we need to think about learning methods. Before preparing for the certification exams, you should decide whether you will study by yourself or sign up for a training course. There are more jobs to be done in case of self-study, such as knowing about the needed materials, finding some learning resources, etc. If you sign up for a training course, you can actually choose to take the CCIE certification exams directly, so that you can save the registration fee required for applying for the CCNA or the CCNP certification exams. Even if you have zero foundation, there are related training courses such as “through trains of CCIE” to help you start from scratch.

CCNA Certification

Besides determining your learning methods and the level of the Cisco certification you want to apply for, it is also important to decide which exam direction to choose. The CCNA certification has only one exam, and you can take it directly without choosing a direction. The CCNA certification exam takes 2 hours. The content of the exam is mainly related to network basic knowledge, network access, IP connectivity, IP service, basic knowledge of security, automation and programmability. Candidates can prepare for the exam in these aspects.

CCNP certification

The CCNP certification requires you to pass two exams. One covers the core enterprise technology such as ENCOR 350-401 or 350-701 SCOR, and the other exam covers the subject of your own choice, like 300-410 ENARSI or 300-415 ENSDWI. Therefore, in addition to choosing the exam direction, you also need to customize the certification according to your own technical focus, and select the corresponding exam subject. Specific information about corresponding subjects can be referred to on Cisco’s official website. Different directions of the CCNP exams test different aspects of knowledge. You can prepare according to the specific exam requirements.

CCIE certification

The CCIE certification requires you to pass both a written exam and an lab exam. The written exam takes two hours and the experimental exam eight hours. The knowledge involved is relatively deep. So in terms of exam preparation, you need to have more hands-on practice in addition to mastering the required knowledge and doing more exercises. And for CCIE Lab, it’s a an eight-hour hands-on practice exam.

To prepare for the Cisco certification exams for network engineers, in any case, you need to master the corresponding knowledge points and have more hands-on practice. If you choose self-study, you should reasonably arrange your time. If you choose to follow the guidance of training institutions to learn together, you just need to carry out the learning plan designed by the training institutions.

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