Divya Aggarwal unveils its FW’23 collection ‘Queen of Hearts’

The Luxury Fusion Fashion Label Divya Aggarwal today unveiled the exquisite Queen of Hearts – FW’23 collection. Drawing inspiration from the ‘Queen’ symbol found in decks of cards, poker and more, this collection seamlessly blends with the spirit of the Indian festive season with its versatile yet traditional designs. Beyond fashion, the Queen of Hearts is a movement empowering woman to boldly articulate their identity and grace with the delicate designs.

The FW’23 collection by Divya Aggarwal unfolds 40 versatile ensembles grouped into three themes: Coronet, Chandelle, and Candelabrum. Tailored for women to effortlessly explore diverse styles, this collection encourages to embrace the distinct identity of each woman with poise and elegance. The Queen of Hearts collection pays tribute to various facets of queens symbolically connecting it to power, authority, sophistication, refinement and the profound emotion towards ‘love’.

Unveiling the brand’s latest collection, Divya Aggarwal, Founder and Designer at Divya Aggarwal Label expressed, “It brings me immense joy and honor to introduce the Queen of Hearts Collection amidst this festive season. Inspired by the sophistication and the epitomized by the term ‘Queen’, this collection is a tribute to all the incredible women seeking style and a diversity in their wardrobe. Our goal has always been to empower our customers through our designs, and we eagerly anticipate continuing to create more meaningful designs”.

Rooted in values of individuality and creativity, Divya Aggarwal’s contemporary Indian couture is a departure from longstanding trends and strives to blend modern sartorial interpretations with traditional fashion. Catering to both occasion-specific needs and personalized designs, Divya Aggarwal’s creations feature a diverse palette of colors, intricate designs, and captivating prints. Each collection boasts multiple options, effortlessly adaptable for versatile styling, ensuring timeless wearability thanks to its classic designs and impeccable quality.

For more information, please visit: hbydivyaaggarwal.com or book an appointment at their studio in Noida. 
Visit her Instagram profile to see the latest updates: @bydivyaaggarwal

The collection is available at AZA Fashion, Pernia’s Pop-Up Studio, Ensemble, and Tifara. They are also available on international online portals including KYNAH, Lilly’s Boutique London, and Indias Pop Up.

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