Cassie Marin Shares New Single “Wow Factor”

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin shares her new single, “Wow Factor.”

Following in the footsteps of recent singles like “Push Me,” “Tanto,” “Busy Body” and “Every Time I See The Ocean,” “Wow Factor” is the latest glimpse of what to expect from Cassie’s forthcoming debut album, due out Summer 2022. Packing a powerful combination of intimate lyricism and futuristic pop-electronica production, “Wow Factor” is a tantalizing track about finding inner-strength and confidence.

Expanding on the meaning behind her new single, Cassie says: “‘Wow Factor’ was my snapping point. Traumas and challenges could no longer stop me from reaching and accessing the power I had within. I was dealing with some seriously crazy things in my life, yet found that I could conquer them all and still be here to tell the tale. ‘Wow Factor’ became the substance of this inner power. It’s a booming voice of survival instinct that can get us through any challenge with pure self-love and true pride in our individuality. We all walk our own paths, and we all deserve to feel proud of it. When listeners hear the song, I want them to summon this inner confidence that feeds them pure acceptance and conquers all barriers.”

Slightly secretive and delicately feminine, every song Cassie Marin releases is a single intricate flower plucked from her consciousness and added to her verdurous display. Constantly exploring new musical and visual dimensions, she has emerged as an avant-garde luminary in the left-of-center pop space. With years of support from fans and tastemakers alike, Cassie is finally ready to debut her first full-length record this Summer. 

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