Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal joins forces with G-SHOCK, the iconic watch brand from Casio

G-SHOCK India, the trailblazer in unbreakable watches, proudly unveils the association with celebrated actor Vicky Kaushal as its brand ambassador. This iconic partnership unites G-SHOCK’s four-decade legacy of crafting robust and trend-setting timepieces with Vicky Kaushal’s charismatic personality and embodiment of toughness, embracing both physical endurance and mental strength.

G-SHOCK’s stands out globally as a lifestyle watch brand developed via Japanese cutting-edge technology whose legacy spans over four decades, during which it has established an unassailable standard for durability, innovation and iconic designs in the watchmaking realm. This remarkable journey was driven by the single-minded pursuit of shock resistance as its core ideology while bringing forth impeccable precision, innovative design, and fashionable appeal for the ever-evolving youth audiences.

With an illustrious career spanning commercial blockbusters and poignant cinema, Vicky Kaushal bridges the hearts of masses and connoisseurs alike. His unique blend of qualities—bold, confident, and fashion-forward, yet deeply empathetic with a high level of emotional intelligence—aligns seamlessly with G-SHOCK’s ethos of “Absolute Toughness”. His go-getter attitude, characterized by an unwavering commitment to high performance and the spirit of never giving up, mirrors the very essence of G-SHOCK, making him the perfect choice for G-SHOCK.

Crafted from high-quality materials such as resin and metal reinforced with advanced technologies, G-SHOCK designs provide superior shock resistance, making them ideal for a diverse set of consumers such as youth subculture-inspired individuals, fashion enthusiasts, athletes, and those with an active lifestyle. The oversized dimensions not only contribute to a bold and striking appearance but also enhance the visibility of the watch face, ensuring easy readability in various conditions.

Vicky Kaushal exudes his bold & tough persona with the iconic G-SHOCK GA-140GB-1A1

These models often incorporate multifunctional features, including stopwatches, world-time displays, and specialized sensors, catering to the diverse needs of users. Despite their robust construction, G-SHOCK large cases are ergonomically designed for comfort, ensuring a secure and snug fit on the wrist.

Talking about the association, Mr Hideki Imai, Managing Director, Casio India, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Vicky Kaushal to the G-SHOCK family. His tenacious spirit and bold persona resonate perfectly with G-SHOCK’s core values, making him an ideal match for our brand. G-SHOCK India is embarking on an exciting new chapter, strengthening its connection with these discerning consumers who consistently seek adventure, endurance, rugged style, and unrivalled durability in their day-to-day lives. Vicky Kaushal’s exemplary journey and accomplishment in both commercial and independent cinema synergizes with G-SHOCK’s ethos of toughness, endurance and the spirit of never giving up. Together, we look forward to a successful partnership that inspires the audience to follow their passions with undeterred enthusiasm and renewed spirit.”

G-SHOCK is globally positioned as a lifestyle-centric watch brand deeply connected with youth subcultures, symbolizing the spirit of adventure and resilience. Vicky Kaushal’s radical tough imagery and impactful performances in the Hindi Film Industry throughout his career serve as a testament to his unflinching attitude, drawing a striking parallel to the unbreakable resilience embodied by G-SHOCK.

Sharing his thoughts about the association, Vicky Kaushal said, “I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the G-SHOCK family. G-SHOCK has epitomized toughness and style for over four decades, and I deeply resonate with its core values. The brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and its unyielding spirit align perfectly with my philosophy. As an actor, my journey revolves around pushing boundaries and venturing into uncharted territories. This partnership is a natural fit, and I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with the brand G-SHOCK.”

This partnership between two powerhouses, Vicky Kaushal and G-SHOCK, embodies the true spirit of ‘Absolute Toughness,’ highlighting their collective persona characterized by flamboyance, boldness, and unwavering high performance.

About G-SHOCK:

G-SHOCK, the pioneering timepiece that revolutionized the very concept of toughness.

In 1981, a daring challenge to prevailing norms ignited the genesis of G-SHOCK. Driven by Mr Kikuo Ibe’s unwavering conviction that a watch could be crafted to withstand any shocks, Project Team Tough was formed to translate this vision into reality. Over a span of approximately two years, this team meticulously developed more than 200 prototypes. Their resolute efforts culminated in the breakthrough shock-resistant yet sophisticated and streamlined architecture we know today.

Since its inception, G-SHOCK has embarked on a relentless journey of evolution, ceaselessly pursuing greater resilience and bold stylish appeal across structure, materials, and functionalities. Envisioned in 1983, G-SHOCK now stands on the cusp of its 40th Anniversary in 2023, having left an indelible mark by retailing over 100 million watches across 100 nations. Strengthened by this remarkable legacy, G-SHOCK remains resolute in its quest for enduring strength, ever ready to conquer new frontiers of toughness.

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