Compress Your Image Size Using These Tools

Have you been trying to save some space on your device by compressing the size of your images? If yes, then you can rely on the image compression tools available over the web to execute this task swiftly. 

In this post, you can find the 5 best tools to compress your image size. So let’s start discussing them without any further delay!


The image compressor on DupliChecker is the best tool you can rely on to compress your image size. 

The tool available on this web portal allows you to compress image to 20KB without losing its quality. 

With this online tool, you can compress as many images to 20KB as you want without facing any restrictions on its usage. 

This platform supports all kinds of image formats for image compression. There are no charges associated with the usage of this image compression utility. 

No matter how many images you wish to compress through it, it will remain absolutely free of cost. 

The compressed files delivered by this tool don’t contain any watermark; hence, you don’t need to have such worry. 

You don’t need to install any software program, as it is entirely a web-based utility.

This image compressor can compress your large-sized images to 20KB through any kind of device, including a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, and Mac.


SmallSEOTools is another platform where you can find hundreds of image editing tools, including an image compressor. 

You can compress Image size with this web portal as many times as you like.

There are no restrictions imposed on the users by this platform. Everyone is given the liberty to compress unlimited images. 

You don’t need a specific device to access this utility. Whether you’re using an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device, you can simply access this facility due to its super-compatibility with all kinds of platforms. 

This tool doesn’t even ask you to go through the hassle of getting registered. You can start compressing your images with this utility on the go. 

Its super-fast and advanced algorithms make sure to deliver top-quality results in no time. 

You can turn to this utility through your device’s web browser whenever you need to compress an image from anywhere around the globe.


The next on this list of tools to compress your image size is offered by ILoveIMG.

This platform offers a wide range of image editing utilities to its users, including a fast and efficient image compressor. 

With this tool’s assistance, you can compress multiple images at once in a matter of seconds. 

However, if you want to unlock unlimited document processing with this tool, then you’ll have to subscribe to its premium plan, which starts from $4 per month. 

The image compressor on this web portal makes sure to provide you with the best quality and compression. 

Another thing you’ll love about this platform is its support for compressing images in multiple formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG. By simply uploading images and pressing the compress button, you can initiate the process with this tool and get your hands on quality results instantaneously.


TinyPNG offers a top-rated image compressor tool that can help you compress your image size within a few seconds. 

The advanced compression methods used by this platform allows the users to get their hands on a relatively smaller image size with no visible impact on the quality.

The image compressor tool on this platform uses a lossy compression technique that works on decreasing the number of colors contained in the picture. 

This tool makes a huge impact on the size of your image; however, you don’t need to worry about its quality, as it leaves a very minimal effect on the appearance. 

With this tool, you can compress images in multiple formats, including JPG, PNG, and WebP. 

If you want to become a pro user of this tool and compress multiple images at once, then you’ll need to pay for its yearly subscription plan, which costs around $39 per user.

ImageResizer is another free online platform that allows you to compress images while maintaining their quality. 

This web-based image compressor claims to preserve your quality by using intelligent compression techniques to reduce the size of an image. 

With this utility, you can compress up to 80% of your image’s size. There are no hassles involved in the usage of this facility. 

Its user-friendly interface allows you to simply upload an image through your device. Within no time, it will provide you with compressed image results. 

This image compressor also provides you with an option to change compression settings. You can provide the max size input that you need after compression or select the quality in percentage. 

This tool can be accessed from anywhere around the globe without paying a single penny. You’ll enjoy using it due to its exceptional features.

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