Ashton Kutcher co-sign and new single Amarrai Cabell is still pretty good at this music thing

Amarrai Cabell has released new single “if life is unfair for everyone doesn’t that make it fair,” in his birthday week. His first time releasing a single since come home to me with Ernie Halter but he also has made guest appearances on features for his artist INERT & EDM House in the last few months and helping co produce and make artwork for his artists as always Amarrai Cabell mentions the robotic pizza piestro and talks about an old friend.

it’s nice to see amarrai cabell be a little more active musically as behind the scenes he’s been investing and working on new business ventures for 2022 and beyond but I’m sure this isn’t the last amarrai cabell song we will hear as his growth this year has rised organically and with studies saying old music is killing new music nowadays sales wise

Maybe this gives time for Denver and some of Amarrai’s older singles to grow a little more
On his birthday August 25th he was silent until midnight where him and new avid celebrity supporter Ashton Kutcher collaborated on a surprise video for his YouTube channel which you can watch here

You can stream his new single at the links below:
YT Music

To connect with Amarrai Cabell, you can visit his site, Instagram @amarraic, @ajsteezybro and YouTube @Amarrai Cabell

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