Actress Elizabeth Olsen Joins Missha as Face of New Campaign: ‘Beauty is Reality’

Global beauty company Able C&C’s renowned skincare brand, Missha, has enlisted Hollywood actress Elizabeth Olsen as its global ambassador and the face of its new “Beauty is Reality” campaign. Olsen, known for her acclaimed roles as Scarlet Witch in Marvel Studios’ Avengers films and the TV series WandaVision, will represent Missha’s unique message about beauty in daily life.

Missha’s global brand campaign, “Beauty is Reality,” aims to promote the idea that beauty should not be exaggerated or based on superficial luxury. The campaign captures authentic moments in everyday life, and Missha believes that Olsen’s ambition and intelligence align with the campaign’s message, transcending her beauty and fame.

Olsen expressed her enthusiasm about Missha’s message when approached with the ambassador opportunity. She stated, “Missha’s ‘Beauty is Reality’ represents an innovative and practical message that I can support.” She further explained that Missha’s goal of creating exceptional products that are accessible to everyone resonates with her personal values.

As part of the campaign, Olsen revealed that she personally uses Missha’s famous ampoules to address various skincare needs. The redesigned ampoule packaging features a minimalist and user-friendly design with a sculptural beauty in a triangular shape, reflecting Missha’s brand identity. Each label’s color represents the primary ingredient of the corresponding ampoule, adding a sensory touch.

With the launch of the “Beauty is Reality” campaign, Missha continues to expand its presence in 46 countries and over 37,000 retail locations worldwide. The brand’s commitment to providing outstanding products at accessible prices is highlighted through its partnership with Olsen, who shares the brand’s values and message about beauty in reality.

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