11 Qualities of a Good Leader

1. Leaders have a clear vision; they work towards their dream. Basically, leaders are great visionaries. Leaders always focus on what they want to achieve in the future. They make sure that everything they do is in line with their vision.

2. Leaders are excellent communicators of their vision. They therefore know how to get others to listen, be interested and help. 

3. Leaders take full accountability for their actions and inactions. They aren’t above fixing small issues, like issuing ID’s through employee badge printing to improve security, while also focusing on the bigger picture. They hold responsibility and share credit.

4. Leaders are troubleshooters! They proactively create solutions to problems. An effective leader will never wait for something to happen; instead, he would look for and anticipate both good and bad, and try to creatively think of ways through those scenarios. 

5. Leaders are learners; in every action, they tend to learn. They do not consider themselves perfect, instead, they learn every moment and in every situation.

6. Leaders always gather and share information/resources to help their clients, employees, and themselves.

7. Effective leaders believe in hard work; they do not look for the easy way out for getting success. They tend to work hard towards their goals.

8. Effective leaders know their business statistics, such as Industry trends, total revenue, revenue per customer etc. 

9. Effective leaders possess great ability to make decisions. Also, they take responsibility of their decisions as well. 

10. Great leaders are flexible, adaptable, persuasive, and creative. Most importantly, effective leaders love to share the mantra of their success with others. They let others see how hard they work and how profound they are in their pursuit to help and serve others.

11. Last but not least, great leaders believe in themselves and their dreams. And that self-belief gives them the courage to do more and achieve more in their lives.

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