Why you should buy a power bank with EU plug from Veger while traveling in Europe?

Traveling in Europe is extraordinary, you get to visit lots of amazing countries like France, Germany, Poland, but also Spain, Italy and Romania and many others. The challenge however is that if you come from outside of the EU, your current charger won’t work here. That’s because the EU have their own type of plug, one that’s actually very different to the many others on the market.

Why should you get a power bank with an EU plug?

The important thing to consider here is that you need either a plug adapter or a power bank with an EU plug. It can help you quite a bit, since you can charge all the stuff you want. Plus, a product like the ACE100 Built-in EU Plug Power Bank PD 20W 10000mAh is very portable. You really get all the options, and the return on investment can be second to none. 

What makes the ACE100 a great solution for traveling in Europe?

Its portability is definitely the best thing, since you can take the power bank anywhere and it has the EU plug, so you can use it in all European countries. On top of that, you can recharge it via the AC plug or via the USB C input. That’s great because it gives you more control, and the return on investment can be second to none thanks to that.

On top of that, the product comes with a unique cable storage design. The design is focused on portability, and it helps bring in a great experience and value, which is exactly what you want to pursue. Additionally, this Veger power bank allows you to charge up to 3 items at once, something that’s really helpful and convenient. 


If you need to travel in Europe either for leisure or business purposes, then buying a power bank with an EU plug is a really good idea. The ACE100 Built-in EU Plug Power Bank PD 20W 10000mAh gives you all the features you need, it’s versatile and also adaptable to your needs. You have 2 charging methods that can be used, the cable storage design is great, and the fast charging ports are very efficient. It’s highly recommended to try out this power bank, and the results can be second to none. The product is made by Veger, which is an industry leading business, and it’s versatile, but also very high quality!

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