Why Hyphen by Kriti Sanon is a Brand Worth Trying

A new player has emerged, promising transformative results and a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Hyphen, co-founded by Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon, has taken the beauty industry by storm with its unique approach to skincare. What sets Hyphen apart and why it’s a brand that deserves a spot in your skincare routine, with a particular focus on its noteworthy distinction as a 100% vegan brand and PETA certification.

Hyphen’s journey began with a realization— of the myriad challenges individuals face in navigating the expansive skincare landscape. Guided by a genuine passion for skincare, Kriti Sanon and the team at PEP Technologies Pvt. Ltd set out to hyphenate multiple ingredients, crafting solutions that cater to the diverse skincare needs of the Indian consumer. This commitment to addressing specific concerns with innovative formulations is at the heart of what makes Hyphen exceptional.

Hyphen’s philosophy is centered around harnessing the best of nature and science. The brand recognizes the potency of natural ingredients and supplements them with cutting-edge scientific innovations. In each product, this harmonious blend results in a skincare solution that goes beyond expectations, delivering tangible results and a touch of magic that elevates the skincare experience.

Affordability and Accessibility

One of the standout features of Hyphen is its commitment to making quality skincare accessible to all. The brand’s seven essential products cover a spectrum of skincare needs, from SPF protection to specialized barrier repair creams, all priced between INR 349 to INR 649. This budget-friendly approach ensures that effective skincare is not a luxury but a daily indulgence that anyone can afford.

A Vegan and Cruelty-Free Revolution

What truly sets Hyphen apart is its unwavering commitment to being a 100% vegan brand. Hyphen proudly leads the way in a market where ethical and sustainable practices are gaining prominence. The brand’s PETA certification is a testament to its cruelty-free approach, ensuring that no harm comes to animals in the production of its skincare range. This commitment to compassion extends beyond individual products; it is a fundamental principle that defines the brand.

Why It’s Worth Trying

The standout quality that makes Hyphen by Kriti Sanon a brand worth trying is its dedication to being 100% vegan and PETA certified. Choosing Hyphen means choosing skincare that aligns with ethical values, promoting a cruelty-free industry and a sustainable future. The brand’s commitment to transparency, affordability, and efficacy adds an extra layer of appeal, making it an enticing option for skincare enthusiasts who prioritize both results and responsible choices.

As consumers increasingly seek brands that align with their values, Hyphen emerges as a frontrunner, offering not just skincare products, but a conscientious choice for those who believe in the transformative power of beauty without compromise. 

You can learn more about the brand at letshyphen.com or follow them on Instagram for updates at www.instagram.com/letshyphen

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