What to Know About Hiring Speakers for Events

Events, from corporate conferences to intimate seminars, hinge on the power of a good speaker. The resonance of their words can endure with attendees well beyond the event’s conclusion. Choosing the right speaker isn’t just about finding someone captivating. It involves discovering an individual who perfectly aligns with your event’s objectives and ensures sustained audience engagement. Hence, as you plan for your forthcoming event, consider these five critical factors when selecting your speaker.

Clarify Your Event’s Objectives and Understand Your Audience Profile

Picking the perfect speakers for hire isn’ta shot in the dark. The first phase entails achieving complete clarity regarding the objectives you aim to accomplish with your event. Are you aiming to teach your audience something new, fire them up with motivation, or simply give them a fun and entertaining experience? Do you have a particular theme or message you wish for them to take away? Once you know your goals, you can start narrowing down potential speakers who can deliver that message in a way that resonates with your audience. The more you understand about who’s coming – their interests, experience, and why they’re attending – the better you can choose speakers who will keep them engaged from start to finish.

Conduct Comprehensive Research on Potential Speakers

With a clear understanding of your event’s goals and who you’re inviting, it’s time to start searching for the perfect speaker. Don’t just focus on how well-known someone is – dig deeper! Research their background, past presentations, and even feedback from audiences they’ve spoken to before. Think about how they present themselves, whether their topic aligns with your event’s theme, and most importantly, if they can connect with a variety of people. Online resources are your friend here. Look at speaker bureaus and social media platforms, and even reach out to your professional network. These tools will help you find a diverse range of speakers and get a sense of their reputation within your field.

Emphasize Quality Over Cost Considerations

Budgets are always a concern when planning events. But skimping on speakers to save a few bucks can backfire in a big way. Here’s the thing: a captivating speaker can make or break your event. Their ability to connect with the audience and leave them feeling inspired is key. So, think of it as an investment. By bringing in speakers who are well-respected and have a proven track record, you’re guaranteeing a higher level of attendee satisfaction and a more successful event overall. Be prepared to allocate the required resources to ensure the acquisition of the perfect candidate for the position. It’s more than just matching someone to the theme; it’s about surpassing attendee expectations through the delivery of genuinely valuable content that strikes a chord.

Establish Clear Communication of Expectations

Throughout the speaker selection process, clear communication is key to a successful event. From the very beginning, be upfront with potential speakers about your event’s goals, theme, audience demographics, and any specific needs or guidelines. Don’t forget the logistics! Discussing presentation format, length, audiovisual equipment needs, and rehearsal schedules head-on helps avoid last-minute surprises and ensures everyone’s on the same page. By establishing open communication early on, you build a strong partnership with the speaker, allowing them to tailor their presentation perfectly to your event’s unique requirements and objectives.

Evaluate Performance and Solicit Feedback

Even though the event is over, your interaction with the speakers can continue! This is a valuable opportunity to assess their performance and gather feedback to improve future events.  You can use surveys or talk directly to attendees to gauge their satisfaction with the presentations. To evaluate the speakers themselves, consider factors like the relevance of their content, how well they engaged the audience, the effectiveness of their delivery, and the overall impact they had on the attendees. In addition to attendee feedback, seek input from your event planning team and other stakeholders on the speakers’ professionalism, responsiveness, and collaboration throughout the planning and execution phases.


Finding the perfect speaker for your event isn’t just about booking a name. It entails crafting a memorable experience for your audience, with meticulous planning at its essence. First, take a step back and solidify your event’s goals. What specific message do you intend for attendees to take with them? Once you know that, you can delve into researching potential speakers. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality here. A captivating speaker can elevate your entire event. Throughout the process, keep communication clear and expectations well-defined.

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