Van Heusen Innerwear Ad Model Name

The Van Heusen Innerwear advertisement features an exceptionally captivating model who exudes beauty and elegance while showcasing the brand’s products. The innerwear appears remarkably appealing on her, emphasizing its inherent sensuality. The inclusion of both male and female models in the commercial significantly enhances its value and impact, creating a well-rounded representation of the brand’s offerings.

Aligned with the brand’s message, the commercial carries a powerful theme: “When the heat is on, your inner mettle reveals itself. Who you are under pressure is who you are underneath.” This thought-provoking message underscores the importance of resilience and character, implying that true strength and authenticity are unveiled during challenging times. Aptly titled “Who Are You Underneath?”, the commercial captures the essence of this empowering concept.

Van Heusen Innerwear Ad Cast
Female Model: Noy Tawil @noy_tawil1

Brand Official Website

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