Uni Discovery Reports Significant Increase in University Applications Among Indian Students this year

Uni Discovery, a leading higher education mentorship platform, has witnessed a notable surge in university education applications from 7-8 lakh Indian students. This surge is particularly evident among those aspiring to pursue studies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Remarkably, there is a discernible upward trend in applications directed towards Eastern European countries, including Lithuania, Finland, and Sweden. This surge is attributed to the appeal of these countries’ affordable tuition, reasonable living expenses, and streamlined visa procedures.

Additionally, the recent introduction of the “University Grants Commission (Setting up and Operation of Campuses of Foreign Higher Educational Institutions in India) Regulations, 2023” by the UGC has sparked increased interest from foreign universities in India. This regulatory development signifies a positive step towards fostering collaboration and facilitating the establishment of foreign higher educational institutions in the country.

Ananya Sachdev, Founder, Uni Discovery said “The landscape of higher education is evolving, and Uni Discovery is witnessing a changing pattern in the preferences of Indian students seeking global education opportunities. In the past two years, as application numbers have risen, admission rates have experienced a decline, particularly at highly selective institutions. Harvard’s regular admission rate, for instance, decreased from 3.43% in 2020-21 to a historic low of 3.19% in 2021-22. Similarly, Boston University witnessed a drop in admission rates from 18.3% to 14% during the same period.

As we navigate this trend, it becomes imperative to underscore the growing significance of personalization in college choices. Prioritize a selection process that aligns with your unique preferences, financial circumstances, potential opportunities, and elective inclinations.”

Below are some of the tips for applying to US/Ivy Legue colleges

1.Start early: The Sooner, the better. Most students aiming for top colleges start building their profiles through internships, social projects, community work in Grade 9 for undergrad applications. If you intend to pursue a Master’s or MBA, ensure you allocate at least a year for exam preparation and the customization of your profile.

2.Stellar Documents: Although academic strength is crucial, top-tier universities seek to delve beyond mere grades. Personal statements, recommendations, and test scores play a significant role. Excelling in these aspects can redirect attention from lower grades, should you have any.

3.Quantitative leadership: Whether it’s an internship or an entrepreneurial venture you’ve undertaken to demonstrate leadership, emphasizing the quantifiable impact or outcomes is exceptionally important.

4.Connect with alumni: Look beyond the brochures. Connect with alumni—individuals who have experienced it firsthand. Acquire distinctive insights into campus life, programs, and the essence of what makes the university thrive. It’s akin to obtaining insider information.

5.Demonstrate Cultural Fit It’s not just about fitting in; it’s about vibing with the culture. Highlight how your values sync up with the university’s ethos. Let them see you’re not just a candidate; you’re a cultural match.

6.Showcase Independent Research: Prove you’ve done your homework. Share any independent research you’ve dug up on the university’s programs or groundbreaking initiatives. Let them know you’re not just applying; you’re invested.

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