Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips Announced The Release Of A New Album: (Bare)Ly Existing

Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips’ new studio work titled (Bare)Ly Existing. This release is fresh and energetic, yet it embodies the artist’s personality and ability to branch out. What makes (Bare)Ly Existing special is that it feels like a genuine and articulate portrait of what Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips is about.

“Stay” is immediately striking due to its one-of-a-kind flow and expertly crafted melodic elements. As a result, the sound is soothing and immersive yet spontaneous and energetic simultaneously.

(Bare)Ly Existing is a testament to the passion and experience that makes Troy stand out as an artist. Find out more about Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips, and do not miss out on (Bare)Ly Existing, which will be on some of the best digital streaming services on July 5th.

You can visit the website

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