Top Reasons for Using a DMC for Your Company Event

Planning corporate events such as training seminars, trade shows, or team-building retreats is a hassle that can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. The more elaborate and further away the destination is, the more the work of planning an event compounds and the larger the team you need to accomplish the task. Working with a DMC, a destination management company, can significantly reduce the time, effort and frustration involved with the planning process and even offer you the local expertise you need for a successful event.

Get Local Expertise

Even if your event is a mile from your headquarters, it is a good idea to partner with a local DMC to plan it because that firm will have more expertise in working with venues and vendors than your business will. When you travel to another city, state or country, having local expertise becomes more critical. For instance, working with a Destination Management Company Costa Del Sol firm, to plan a company trip to Spain will give you access to the business partnerships they have already established in the area and reduce your chances of a language or cultural misstep during the planning phase. It is also much easier to get traffic concerns from a local expert than most online sources, and you will have a contact person to ask questions about public transportation, walking distances and vehicle rentals.

Save Time and Money

Because of how a DMC is set up, working with one for your event will save you the time and money to do it all yourself. Instead of spending hours researching possible venues, accommodations and activities, you can work with a specialist and book with companies that have already been vetted. You can find package deals and group discounts more quickly because the DMC has already negotiated the best prices and curated the savings. All of this company’s work in creating and maintaining business partnerships can be available to make your event better and less expensive for your employees and company so you can focus more on the fun than the planning.

Assure the Quality of Services

It takes time, effort and more than a little trial and error to assure the quality of the goods and services you need for a successful event. By finding a reputable local Destination Management Company, you can get the quality you need without doing all the research and vetting yourself. You will also have a contact person to help if something goes wrong and to guide you in preparing an emergency plan for the event based on the local weather, culture and amenities. Local experts will be better able to catch location interactions and factor in travel time between hotels and conference centers or activities.

When you work with a destination management company to plan your company event, you are paying for the expertise of a local company and taking advantage of the research and discount curation that the DMC has already done. This partnership will save you the time and money to vet every vendor in a different country and help you find quality activities, services and goods in the area.

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