Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad: Unveiling the Benefits

With newer technological advancements, there has been a surge in expansion globally. Education as a sector has also seen its rise with students now wanting to study abroad and expand their careers. While this is a decision entirely based on your choices, you should be aware of a few key points before you decide on taking this path. Here, we have discussed our top 8 reasons that encourage you to take a leap of faith and start your journey abroad.

1. Embracing Challenge

The decision to study internationally is not an easy one. However, in life, you should be willing to take on challenges that enhance your academic and overall development. With the thought of leaving your country, comes a feeling of homesickness and cultivates dependency. You are often asked to adapt to a new lifestyle with completely different surroundings.

Navigating your studies independently, along with managing finances, accommodation, and well-being, is undoubtedly a tough journey to pursue. What comes as a bigger challenge is to live through this feeling of the unknown and slowly immerse yourself in the process.

Not only the surroundings, but the behaviour, language, food habits and the way of viewing life are entirely different and you should be prepared to enjoy this. Amidst the difficulties, it is one of the most thrilling journeys you will have.

2. Enjoy a different Culture

Studying abroad brings about a lot of change, especially in terms of your habitat. The country that you choose will have its distinct cultural preferences that will seem alien at first. However, with time this is where you need to immerse yourself completely.

The more you understand the local culture and interact with these people, the more you realize your potential to create a living there. Culturally, you will experience a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, cuisines, and traditions that will bring you closer to your peers and help you understand a different perspective on living life.

3. Global Quality Education

The most important aspect of choosing to study abroad is the pursuit of quality education globally. This academic exposure undoubtedly helps you enhance and elevate your career and takes you a step ahead towards your dream job.

With countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and Singapore with their top-rated universities and programs, you get a chance to utilize this golden opportunity to your fullest.  It is this where you understand a different pedagogy, get exposed to cutting-edge research, and work on developing your skills for the competitive market.

4. Learn a different language

An unsaid advantage of studying abroad is also getting accustomed to a new language. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and enjoy the process of knowing a different dialect, and alphabet and communicate easily.

This also significantly helps in bonding with local people easily and can help you navigate multiple resources for an easy lifestyle. This is an excellent method to upskill yourself and learn something new that can help you network globally.

5. Build your Career with International Exposure

The common aspect related to studying abroad is to wish for international exposure and enhancing skills for the global market. Students who wish to climb the ladder of success prefer exposure where they get access to global companies faster.

With the curriculum focussing on advanced technology, practical innovations, and hands-on experience, recruiters are keen to take in students who pass out from reputed institutions where they have adapted to demanding skills for the industry

6. Connection for a Lifetime

When you decide to embark on this journey, the most important aspect that comes with this is the chance to network with multiple people. Not only this, but it will give you exposure to multiple cultures and backgrounds to mix with. This is wonderful especially when you realize that meeting these people can also open avenues for your career and help you familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

These connections often sustain for a lifetime where you move to a different country and make new friends with whom you share your daily routine and speak your hearts out. Your friends, roommates, apartment partners – all of them can help you build a newfound bond and help cope with your loneliness. These special relationships are to be cherished and often result in beautiful bonds for your entire life.

7. Explore and Travel

Apart from your classroom setting, you also get a chance to explore and visit numerous heritage spots, and beautiful landscapes and enjoy the views. It is a goal when you visit a foreign land to experience its beauty and enjoy the tranquil sceneries of it all.

For people who love to travel and remain excited to visit new places, studying abroad can be beneficial in fulfilling their dreams of going to new places and enjoying the local cuisines, finding their perfect place for photographs, and enjoying their breaks.

8. Independence

When you travel alone miles away for your career, you often leave behind a very important aspect of yourself – dependency. Once you start your journey abroad, what stays with you is your own company. Initially, this might feel overwhelming. However, with time this developing independence helps you build resilience. It makes you stronger and assists in navigating difficulties abroad.

This often acts as a wonderful time for you to figure out yourself and your expectations from your life. The more you spend time with yourself, the more confident you become. This will not only help you in enhancing your self-confidence but will also help in creating a sense of responsibility within.

Considerations for Study Abroad

As we discussed the 8 different reasons based on which you should select a higher study abroad, it is imperative that we also give you a bonus section where we discuss a few key considerations that need to be well thought out before you jump to conclusions. You should conduct your research thoroughly to make an informed decision on the factors that best suit you and how you can accommodate them,

Financial Concerns

While it is an absolutely exciting journey to study abroad, it is also important that you consider the financial constraints associated with it. With the reputed institutions and world-class programs, also comes the fact that they are quite expensive.

Before you make any decision, your choices should be based on carefully calculating your finances and your rate of affordability. Based on your preferences, you need to identify the country and choice of school that best suits your interests.

Accepting the fact that it is indeed a hefty amount to be paid, you also get options of financial aid, and scholarships to avail. You have to find out if your eligibility matches the programs available and can easily apply for scholarships that significantly reduce your tuition fees and help you manage your living expenses better.

Cultural Shifts

Initially, this cultural shift might feel extremely challenging to adapt to. You will be welcomed with a completely different language and varied faith and beliefs. Coming from a land of diversity, you do have some idea of how critical it is to carefully handle these needs.

This is yet again a wonderful chance for you to delve into multiple ways of living, but this is significantly a time-consuming process and might take a longer time to adjust completely.

Mental Welfare

The conditions of international study are often leveled at a competitive scale. When you decide to pursue this path in your career, you most often find yourself competing with your peers and cannot comprehend about your future choices.

Here, it is important to understand that your mental health might be affected. You need to be a lot more secure to take on this journey and not let yourself lose out. Being in a competitive environment at all times, you are expected to maintain your demeanour and keep a calm attitude. However, easier said than done, this requires a lot of stability and a positive attitude.

This is where you have friends who help you, stay with you, and support your aspirations to help you sustain and create a career.

Profile Building

While the international study dream is an absolute thrill, availing and reaching it successfully is a challenge. You need to upskill yourself as well as your profile to advanced levels to be able to compete with students globally. It is necessary to concentrate on your application documents, take ample time out for your preparations, focus on your entrance exams, and correspondingly nail the paperwork.

Students often take out months of preparation time before they apply. Since this process requires a lot of intricate navigation, it is essential that you keep a check on all the prerequisites of your application, track your application deadlines, and prepare everything beforehand to avoid last minute rush.


This article predominantly attempted to cover the aspects of why you should apply abroad and enhance your career further. With a series of factors affecting this decision, we tried to bring you an overall picture of how your life abroad might look like and the challenges that you might need to navigate. This therefore requires considering a lot of conditions that influence your decision.

There can be different ideologies or preferences related to your choices for studying abroad. Therefore, your research and information about the country, its culture, and the program choice, all should be definitive and you should have a clear picture of the expectations.

This article therefore attempts to paint a picture based on all the concerning avenues and questions that a candidate must face based on their decision to study abroad. For any external help, you can definitely reach out to Manya for better assistance and to help you figure out your choices.

Study Abroad with Manya

As we were discussing the key concerns, it is also important to note that this entire process can feel overwhelming for a candidate and often confusing as well.

At Manya, we have expert advisors who will provide you with the best options and guide you as per your profile with customized services. We will assist you right from assessing your profile, selecting the right program, and navigating the entire visa process with you until you set off on your journey abroad. For easier and stress-free application procedures, reach out to us.

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