This Time It’s Personal – Mr Craig

Some of the best music makers have experienced other areas of creativity. It means that they don’t see music making from one tried and tested viewpoint but can let the ideas and attitudes of other, closely related creative sectors influence and infuse their work. This is why Mr Craig’s music stands apart from many of his peers, his years in different sectors of the media and entertainment industry acting as a catalyst and creative force within his music.

And so This Time It’s Personal is an intelligent blend of everything from trap, rap and hip-hop to pop, R&B and even soul. It is the perfect blend of the hassle and hustle of the streets and accessible mainstream sonics, a balance of the underground and the commercial, the alternative and the chart-friendly.

It is a personal manifesto, a declaration of intent, a mission statement and a plan of attack, all wrapped up in forward-thinking, future-facing urban cool.

Listen on Spotify:

You can connect with Mr Craig on Instagram @mrcraigta, YouTube @MrCRAIG and website

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