The Shocking Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Death Rates

While it is known to many that Turkey has a reputation for cutting corners when it comes to bariatric surgeries, many are unaware of how fatal the risk truly can be. With clinics offering absurdly low prices for intricate surgeries, you must question how the price tag can be so low. Unfortunately, those who are desperate to turn their life around sometimes fall victim to this since the financial burden of having a gastric sleeve surgery can be too much for many. Without doing extensive research on the clinic you’re going to for your bariatric surgery, you won’t truly know what kind of experience you’re getting yourself into.

How High Are the Gastric Sleeve Turkey Death Rates?

As mentioned previously, it is widely known that clinics in Turkey can unfortunately mess up and perform botched surgeries leading to life-long side effects. But when it comes to fatalities, how common is it? In 2022, the BBC found that in the past two years, 7 British nationals had unfortunately died undergoing the knife during weight loss surgeries in Turkey. This report only includes the stories of the British victims, not victims from other European countries which as you can imagine, will bring the toll much higher.

Since the widespread attention this report brought to the gastric sleeve death rates in Turkey, clinics in the country have been clamping down on what equipment and facilities they’re using. This being said, you simply cannot trust a clinic based on what they say. You need to look at the past experiences of many patients and what their treatment and levels of care were truly like. If you’re unsure on which clinic to go with when considering bariatric surgery abroad, you should consult your GP and ask for recommendations. This way you can adhere to the advice of a medical professional you trust, not just trusting word of mouth.

If Not Turkey, Then Where?

While the cost of the cheapest weight loss surgery in the UK is around £11,000, you can see why many flock to Turkey each year as they boast weight loss surgeries for a mere £3000. As mentioned previously, you can see why many are put off the idea of going to a Turkish clinic and want to seek alternatives that maintain the high professional standards of the UK but for a much cheaper price. This is where Latvia has been shining bright in recent years, its clinics such as the Weight Loss Riga clinic boast professional, safe weight loss surgery for less than half the UK cost. If you’re interested in what Weight Loss Riga has to offer, head over to the website where you can see prices, different surgery options, and past patient experiences!

Why Latvia?

Image Credit: Pexels (AndreaPiaqcuadio)

Latvian clinics are renowned for their professionalism, stemming from the rigorous training that medical staff and surgeons undergo to practice in the country. Adhering to stringent EU medical guidelines, these clinics prioritize patient safety in all procedures. Notably, the cost of treatments is a pivotal factor for patients when selecting a clinic. For instance, Weight Loss Riga offers mini gastric bypass surgery for an affordable £4980 and has an impressive record of zero fatalities or botched surgeries. Interestingly, alongside these surgical options, the discussion around alternative weight loss methods is gaining traction. A noteworthy example is the concept of gastric band hypnosis, a non-surgical approach to weight management. For a deeper understanding of this intriguing method, the article ‘The Truth About Gastric Band Hypnosis‘ on the Weight Loss Riga blog provides valuable insights into its effectiveness and how it compares to traditional surgeries.

Latvia, the Home of Successful Weight Loss Surgery

While Latvia might not be the first place that comes to mind when considering weight loss surgery, it truly is a medical tourism haven. The Weight Loss Riga clinic has been pumping out successful bariatric surgeries consistently for years leaving patients overwhelmed with the positive results they continue to see even years after their surgery. Be smart, don’t end up a victim of the gastric sleeve in turkey death rate, and choose a professional clinic that will provide tailored care just for you. Click the link to kickstart your journey to a happier, slimmer you!

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