Take a mindful approach to become a better you in 2022

Even if you’ve tried meditation before but had little success, this wearable “brain activator” technology will help you find your zen 

Less stress. More creativity and focus. Better sleep. Better mood! Who doesn’t want all of this for themselves in 2022? Meditation can help you get there. And the best news? Meditation has gone high tech with wearable technology that gently quiets the mind and calms the body. No more trying to relax your brain while you are distracted by your own thoughts. 

This must-have self-help tool for 2022 is called Zendo. Developed by neuroscientists and expert meditators, Zendo was created for people to experience the immediate effects of meditation without the time or practice commitments. It’s the world’s first neuromodulation device intended to make meditation easier for beginner and advanced meditators alike. 

This isn’t just another wearable health tracker. It’s a brain activator. This means that unlike other meditation wearables which simply give feedback as to whether or not you are calm, Zendo actually makes you calm by stimulating specific parts of the brain during meditation practice. Research shows Zendo is 2.5 times more effective than meditation apps. 

Zendo uses scientifically proven and safe neurostimulation technology to activate the areas in the brain involved in advanced meditation practice. Gentle stimulation delivered to these brain areas makes meditation easier by nudging the brain into a meditative state. 

Zendo was intentionally built as a standalone meditation device. It doesn’t connect to your phone or wifi. It’s a simple excuse to disconnect from distractions and improve your mental health. 

To use Zendo, all you need to do is:

  • Sit in a comfortable position, such as in a chair or on a cushion. 
  • Put your Zendo pads on your forehead. 
  • Select your favorite mode on your handheld system and hit start. 
  • Close your eyes and breathe. Zendo does the work for you no matter what form of meditation you practice or even if you’ve never meditated before.  
  • In 20-minute sessions, Zendo has been shown to reduce stress by 75 percent. 

Whether you’re a meditator, technology fan, health seeker, career-driven professional, avid traveler, athlete or college student, the benefits of meditation are now more achievable. With regular use, the peak effects of using Zendo last four to six hours, and the carry-over effects may last into the next day.

Each Zendo comes with a travel case; charging cables; a mirror; user guide; and free, live one-on-one virtual onboarding and training with a Zendo founder. Prepare for your 2022 wellness journey by ordering Zendo for $229 on Amazon. 

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