Sofia Vergara Takes the Crown as Schwarzkopf’s Global Brand Ambassador

Renowned actress and producer Sofia Vergara has been named the global brand ambassador for Schwarzkopf, a leading hair care brand owned by Henkel. The announcement comes as part of Schwarzkopf’s latest campaign, titled ‘What Story Will You Tell?’ which aims to encourage individuals to embrace and understand their unique hair stories.

The campaign, designed for both consumer and professional audiences, focuses on the powerful concept of self-expression through hair. A television advert featuring Sofia Vergara is scheduled to launch on March 4, followed by collaborative efforts on social media and appearances at red carpet events.

In a statement, Vergara expressed her excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing that being Schwarzkopf’s global brand ambassador goes beyond endorsing hair products. “It is about collaborating with a brand that shares my vision of embracing and celebrating the power of self-expression and confidence,” she said. “We both believe in the power of hair and want to empower and inspire other women to take control of their narrative and express themselves through their hair.”

Vergara, widely known for her roles in Griselda and Modern Family, will leverage her platform to showcase how she utilizes Schwarzkopf’s products to tell her unique story. The campaign underscores the idea that hair is a significant aspect of self-expression, and Vergara aims to encourage women to take charge of their narratives through their hair choices.

Schwarzkopf’s choice of Sofia Vergara as the face of the campaign stems from her status as the epitome of “hair goals.” Vildan Oenpeker-Cerci, Senior Vice President Marketing of Henkel North America, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that Vergara embodies Schwarzkopf’s brand ethos in a way that resonates with both stylists and consumers. The partnership seeks to empower individuals to embrace hair’s transformative and expressive power.

As Schwarzkopf unveils Sofia Vergara as its global ambassador, the beauty brand joins a growing trend of beauty companies enlisting influential personalities to represent their values and connect with diverse audiences. The collaboration anticipates an exciting journey ahead, with Sofia Vergara using her influential position further to amplify the message of self-expression and confidence through hair.

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