Sofia Richie Grainge Partners with Nexxus as Brand Ambassador for Innovative Styling Line

Renowned model and entrepreneur Sofia Richie Grainge has entered a new role as the brand ambassador for Nexxus’ cutting-edge styling line. The collaboration marks a significant milestone in haircare, as Nexxus introduces a range of products designed to revolutionize at-home styling while prioritizing hair health.

The Nexxus styling and finishing collection boasts a proprietary Styleprotect Technology, meticulously crafted to shield hair from the damaging effects of styling routines. With an eye on the latest trends sweeping social media platforms like TikTok, the 11-piece line promises to bring professional-grade styling expertise directly into consumers’ homes.

At the heart of the collection lies a product inspired by Sofia’s iconic hairstyles—the Nexxus Slick Stick Strong Hold Hair Wax. This nod to her signature slick back bun embodies the essence of effortless yet chic styling, a philosophy Richie Grainge champions.

As brand ambassador, Sofia Richie Grainge is eager to share her beauty knowledge and insider tips with Nexxus enthusiasts worldwide. Her passion for simplicity and style resonates with the ethos of the new Styling Line, which has garnered praise from industry experts and longtime stylists alike, including Sofia’s own stylist, Kathleen Riley.

Speaking about her partnership with Nexxus, Richie Grainge expressed her excitement, stating, “Creating a hairstyle that’s equal parts simple and stylish has always been important to me. As a Nexxus ambassador, I’m excited to share all the beauty hacks I’ve picked up over the years.”

The Nexxus Styling Line caters to a diverse range of hair textures, offering tailored solutions for delicate, medium, and thick strands. Infused with a fresh rose aroma and crafted with color-safe ingredients, the products provide a 72-hour humidity shield, 48-hour frizz control, and heat protection up to 450 degrees.

Jessica Grigoriou, Head of Beauty Marketing and Hair Care at Unilever NA, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing Sofia’s influence and appeal in the beauty industry. “Through this partnership, Nexxus and Sofia are showing how to get that ‘fresh out of the salon’ feeling, putting celebrities and consumers on a level playing field when it comes to quality, healthy hair care,” Grigoriou remarked.

As the Nexxus Styling Line debuts, it signals a new era of accessible yet luxurious haircare, empowering individuals to achieve salon-worthy looks from the comfort of their homes. With Sofia Richie Grainge as its ambassador, Nexxus continues redefining beauty and style boundaries, setting the stage for a future where healthy, glamorous hair is within everyone’s reach.

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