Revlon Appoints TikTok Star Nailea Devora as Global Brand Ambassador

New York, NY – In an exciting move that underscores its commitment to diversity and innovation, cosmetics giant Revlon has named TikTok sensation Nailea Devora as its latest global brand ambassador. Devora joins an illustrious lineup of Revlon ambassadors, including model Ashley Graham and singer Megan Thee Stallion, as the fresh face of the renowned beauty brand.

Devora, known for her dynamic and engaging content on social media platforms, will be spearheading Revlon’s social media initiatives across platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, lending her star power to support upcoming product launches. She will also take center stage in in-store displays and play a significant role in Revlon’s digital media and advertising campaigns throughout 2024.

Maribelle Orengo, VP of Revlon Brand, shared her enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “Our brand mission has always been to amplify voices, challenge convention, and break barriers, and we’re constantly looking to partner with changemakers and budding talent who are not afraid to take risks – which is exactly what we see in Nailea.” Orengo emphasized that Devora not only aligns with Revlon’s core values but also resonates strongly with two of the brand’s fastest-growing consumer segments, Generation Z and Latin Americans. “We’re excited to grow our Revlon family to be even more inclusive, diverse, and representative of all ages and backgrounds,” she explained.

At just 21 years old, Nailea Devora has swiftly risen to social media stardom since 2020, amassing a massive following of over 19 million devoted fans. Revlon’s choice of Devora as its newest brand ambassador is rooted in her embodiment of the proud Latina spirit, a central focus of the brand’s selection.

Image Credit: @naileadevora and @revlon

Reflecting on her journey and partnership with Revlon, Devora shared, “Growing up, I remember watching my mom do her makeup and always using Revlon lipstick – she never left the house without a bold, red lip! And that’s really how I first fell in love with beauty. To be able to now partner with a brand as iconic as Revlon, and hopefully inspire people from all over the world to express themselves through makeup and style, is such a dream come true.”

Revlon’s strategic move to appoint Nailea Devora signals a promising path forward as the brand continues its resurgence from financial restructuring earlier this year. With a substantial reduction of over US$2.7 billion in debt and a transition of control to its lenders, Revlon’s CEO, Debra Perelman, expressed confidence in the brand’s future. Perelman stated, “Revlon is stronger after bankruptcy and well positioned for long-term growth.” She added, “With a simplified capital structure, significantly reduced debt, and a new, highly experienced and committed board of directors, we look forward to unlocking the full potential of our globally recognized brands and continuing to offer our customers the iconic products they have loved for decades.”

Revlon’s choice of Nailea Devora represents not only a strategic business move but also a bold step towards embracing diversity and connecting with a new generation of beauty enthusiasts. With Devora’s infectious energy and Revlon’s iconic products, the future looks promising for both the brand and its consumers.

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