REVIEW of USPA: Philanthropic Provider of Industrial Security Services in NYC

USPA Nationwide Security has established itself as a leading provider of industrial security guard services in New York City, offering unparalleled expertise, reliability, and a commitment to philanthropy. With over two decades of experience, a stellar Google rating, an esteemed management team with Navy SEAL backgrounds, comprehensive insurance coverage, perfect credit, and a dedication to giving back, USPA Nationwide Security is the go-to choice for businesses seeking top-notch security solutions in New York.

With a remarkable track record spanning twenty years, USPA Nationwide Security has solidified its position as a trusted and experienced security service provider in New York City. Over this time, the company has built a strong reputation for maintaining the safety and security of diverse industrial facilities, earning the trust and loyalty of numerous clients.

One notable aspect that sets USPA Nationwide Security apart is its exceptional 4.9 Google rating. This outstanding score reflects the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Clients consistently praise the professionalism, reliability, and expertise of their security guards, solidifying USPA Nationwide Security’s status as a premier security provider in the industry.

USPA is managed by a team of seasoned professionals, including former Navy SEALs. Their extensive military backgrounds bring a unique skill set and unwavering dedication to their work. This expertise ensures that clients receive the highest level of security services, characterized by precision, efficiency, and adaptability to ever-evolving threats.

Clients can have peace of mind knowing that USPA Nationwide Security carries a comprehensive insurance policy valued at $3 million. This coverage demonstrates the company’s commitment to safeguarding its clients’ interests and assets, providing an added layer of protection and reassurance.

Furthermore, USPA Nationwide Security boasts a perfect credit rating, a testament to its financial stability and responsible business practices. This feature offers clients added confidence in their ability to meet financial obligations promptly and reliably, reinforcing trust and long-term partnerships.

One outstanding aspect of USPA is its status as a woman-owned security company. This distinction highlights the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, contributing to a more equitable and representative industry.

However, what truly sets USPA Nationwide Security apart is its philanthropic values. The company’s partnership with Kingsman Philanthropic Corp exemplifies their dedication to making a positive impact on society. Through this collaboration, USPA Nationwide Security donates 50% of its profits from security guard services towards funding the rescue efforts of missing women and children. This philanthropic commitment showcases the company’s genuine desire to support vulnerable populations and contribute to the greater good.

USPA Nationwide Security stands as a reliable, experienced, and philanthropic provider of industrial security and fire watch services in Queens. With a two-decade track record, an exceptional Google rating, management led by Navy SEALs, comprehensive insurance coverage, perfect credit, and a commitment to giving back, they have proven themselves as an industry leader. Businesses seeking top-tier security solutions can rely on USPA’s expertise, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and security of their premises.

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