Rebekah Millet is The Author of The Week

Have you ever had the pleasure of speaking with someone who instantly feels like a dear friend? Someone whose warmth and charm make you feel right at home, even in the midst of a podcast interview? Well, that’s precisely the enchanting experience we had when Rebekah Millet, the talented author graced The Relatable Voice podcast. From the moment Rebekah’s voice filled our headphones, it was as if we were catching up with a cherished friend over a cup of coffee. With her endearing personality and a zest for storytelling, Rebekah effortlessly transported us to the heart of New Orleans, a city steeped in tradition and culinary delights. As she spoke animatedly about the vibrant culture and mouthwatering cuisine of her hometown, we couldn’t help but feel like we were strolling through the colorful streets, taking in the sights and flavors of the Big Easy.

So, join us as we dive into the world of Rebekah Millet, a remarkable author and a truly adorable guest on The Relatable Voice podcast.

Hello Rebekah, welcome to BrandEducation! Where are you from and where do you live?

I’m from the suburbs of New Orleans, which is where I’ve lived my entire life.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read and go for walks with my husband and our rescue dog, Patch. She’s a terrier mix who stole our hearts at first sight.

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey?

Oh, goodness. I’ll do my best to keep it to “a little bit”. Let’s see . . . Back in 2010 I decided that I wanted to write a book. I told my husband, and he immediately agreed that I should. He didn’t give me a strange—What is she up to now?—look or ask me to think about it. He actually went out the next day and bought me a laptop to get started. He’s been my biggest encourager all these years. From there, I wrote the worst book in the world. But after keeping at it and learning the craft, each manuscript I wrote improved. Eventually I landed a literary agent, and then a two-book contract with Bethany House Publishers.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

This is such a hard question that could go in so many ways. But if I had to choose only three to really capture myself, it’d be: mother, wife, daughter. But if I could have a few more words, I’d add cheerful, work-in-progress, and homebody. 

What inspires you?

Without a doubt the Lord’s miracles inspire me, and the way I can look back on hard situations and see how God worked them for my good. Each of those events is evidence that He’s right there, helping me through life.

Share something our audience wouldn’t know about you.

Ohhhh. This is a good question! Since most of my followers on social media know how terrible I am with gardening and baking (I’m really, really bad at them), I guess I’d go with the fact that I’m a professional procrastinator when it comes to cleaning my bathrooms. Especially the toilets. Not even the threat of my mom or mother-in-law coming over to visit can get me to clean them.

How did you get into writing?

Reading is how I transitioned into writing. In my early thirties I discovered books that were interesting, and nothing like what we were required to read in school. And then I discovered Christian fiction, and it was like finding my book-home, if that makes any sense. I found so much joy and encouragement in that genre that I wanted to bring the same kind of entertainment to others.

Can you tell us what inspired your book and what is the story behind it?

I’d love to! My agent had submitted my latest manuscript for consideration to publishers, and so I was in the process of starting a new one. In keeping with the current market trend, that story was going to feature characters in their twenties. But then Jesus dropped the story that would become Julia Monroe Begins Again (Bethany House, October 2023), into my heart. The idea of writing this book filled me with pure excitement . . . and a lot of uncertainty. With 40-year-old characters, it’s a rule-breaker in the world of inspirational romance. Making it even riskier is that I’m a debut author. But the Lord kept pressing me about writing it in the tender way He’s spoken to me throughout my life. And so I wrote a few sample chapters. From there, He encouraged me forward in different ways, and then orchestrated an opportunity that led to the book being signed, and working with my dream publisher.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share?

Thank you for asking this. I’m working on the second book in the series, which will bring a secondary character from Julia Monroe Begins Again, to the spotlight.

What are your goals and aspirations?

When I first set out to write, it was because I wanted to bring the same joy, mental vacation, and encouragement to others that I was having with reading inspirational romances. That’s still my goal today. 

Where can our listeners connect with you online?

The best place for your readers to find me is on my website at:

From there they’ll find my social media links, and can sign up for my quarterly newsletter and monthly book giveaway.

Please, tune in to Rebekah’s interview and enjoy. And for more information about The Relatable Voice podcast visit:

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