Plan the Ultimate Hawaii Vacation: A Top Budget Guide

You may think that you need to splash the cash to enjoy an incredible trip to Hawaii. This just isn’t true. While a trip to Hawaii tends to have a higher base price point than other destinations, that doesn’t mean it’s completely inaccessible as a travel destination. So long as you’re flexible and know where to put your money and where to save, you, too, can have an incredible vacation.

Go During the Off Season

Unlike many other destinations, the high season in Hawaii is in winter. This is because most areas in the United States are blanketed by snow or pounded with cold winds and rain. Going to Hawaii in the winter is how you can enjoy dry, warm weather and a much-needed break from the dreary weather back home.

If you have the flexibility, the best way to avoid those high season prices is to go between September to November or after the high season in winter. Hawaii enjoys blissful weather allyear round, so you really can’t go wrong when booking.

Tips for Getting Great Deals at Top Resorts

While it may seem like a no-brainer to book an inland hotel to save money, this may actually end up eating way too much time out of your day and comes with a higher transportation cost. If you can instead walk or take the bus everywhere, then you’ll immediately be saving value, if not money, during your trip.

There are other ways to get great deals at the top Outrigger Resorts as well. You can save just by opting for a room with a resort or land view instead of an island view. You can also unlock lower room deals by staying a full week.

Stick to Nature

If you want a truly wonderful experience in Hawaii for less, stick to nature. Most of the hikes are free (minus transportation), and the ones that do contain an entrance fee are still very affordable. To go up Diamond Head Crater, for example, you need to pay a small $5 entrance fee. Do remember to book your entrance to Diamond Head early, however. The sheer popularity of this hike has made it essential to limit the number of people who go up it.

This applies to a few other hikes as well, so always check if you need to book your walks in advance. Not only will booking secure your spot, but it also means fewer people will go up when you do.

Swimming, going to the beach, and the like are also free or cost-effective. At most, you’ll just have to pay for some additional equipment.

Another fantastic and budget-friendly activity to consider is scuba diving. These crystal-clear waters are home to vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life, making it a scuba diver’s paradise. While you will need to rent equipment or join a guided tour, these expenses are relatively modest compared to the unforgettable experience of exploring the underwater world. Like hiking, it’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. This ensures not only your spot in popular diving locations but also a more personalized and less crowded experience under the sea.

Keep An Eye Out for Free Shows

Most of the free shows occur during the high season during the winter. In Oahu, for example, there are several Hula shows put on for free during each day of the week. You can watch them on the beach, at a bar, or wherever you are. Other free shows include the fireworks show put on by the Hilton,which just needs a good viewpoint to enjoy. 

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