Oksana Hoiuk: The Importance Of Branding In Small Businesses

If you are someone who happens to own a small business, you’ve come to the right place! Despite having high-quality products, your expected sales might not be as expected. There’s a good chance inadequate branding has something to do with this. Many small SMEs does not take branding for granted and thus suffer in the long run.

We spoke with Oksana Hoiuk as creative director of UMBRA Creative Agency and would be happy to educate you on the importance of branding for small businesses, especially if you believe that branding is only exclusive to big corporations. That being said, if you are interested in learning more, please keep reading!

4 Important Reasons Why Branding Is Essential For Your Small Business

As we mentioned earlier, branding isn’t only for big corporations. Do not get intimidated by them! Your business, too, can flourish through long-term planning. And what better way to do that other than branding? So, here are the crucial reasons you should put more resources into branding your business!   

1. Branding Makes Businesses Bigger And Recognizable

You probably invest most of your capital in your products and marketing. While that’s important, it’s insufficient to make your business bigger. So, branding will play that critical role here! Branding makes your products recognizable to customers.

It creates a sense of identity for your business. Sadly, most SMEs do not understand this. But you need to go beyond that if you want to succeed in the current competitive market! You need a brand value that will catch the eyes of the customers! So, think of the long-term and create a brand value for your small business!

2. It Gains The Trust Of Your Customers And B2Bs

Branding creates trust between buyers and sellers. For example, Nike’s brand value is at the core of millions of customers. The slogan ‘’Just do it!’’ creates a sense of brand value that permeates through the buyers. You also need something like that! Thus, creating a brand idea with a suitable logo is the initial step.

And this brand idea must pair up with the overall style, color, illustration, patterns, and your business’s products. Hence, you need to create a core brand value and also make brand promises that you can keep! Moreover, trust is gained in B2B businesses as well. Hence, this will help you gain potential suppliers for production!

3. Branding Attracts Skilled Employees

If you have good ideas, goals, and values that align with your business, nothing will stop you from finding good employees! A good employee looks for professionalism and the promises your business makes. Not only that, but they also observe whether you’re quick to action. Therefore, make sure to let them know what your brand stands for.

Once you communicate with them, they’ll know where this business is headed. This will give them a clear sense of purpose and inspire them to start working towards creating an exceptional brand.

4. Branding Gets You In The Big Leagues

Finally, the most critical aspect of branding is the big leagues. The grander purpose of your small business must be to reach the top of the market! And there’s no alternative to that other than branding! Branding will attract new customers. You might have a loyal customer base in your small business, but that’s not enough!

You need to expand and conquer. You need proper strategies, customer experiences, great packaging, and core values to build your perfect brand and product. Sooner or later, you will attract more significant customers and establish an international market. So, please give branding its due attention! Do not waste any more time!


We hope that you’re motivated about increasing your brand value after reading this! But we know branding can be costly and time-consuming. Thus, the team of UMBRA Creative Agency, led by our art director and brand designer, Oksana Hoiuk, will gladly guide you in the proper direction.

They will try their utmost to create a good brand value for your business and cut corners where necessary to make it as affordable for you as possible. So, please take the initiative and contact them today!

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