“Mysterious Warrior” by Bramses Xalyxys Is Now Available On All Streaming Platforms.

The first of the three-part EP series by songwriter, composer, and singer Bramses Xalyxys, “Mysterious Warrior,” takes listeners on a mystical voyage. “Mysterious Warrior” converts music into an audiobook. Listeners will be able to relate to the characters in “Mysterious Warrior” and the predicaments they find themselves in. It features a series of sound-based stories that both delight and introduce new worlds and characters to the listeners. This collector’s edition conjures up an image of the protagonist and the planet Vortuxs. The EP will also feature antagonists, wicked bosses, and other antagonists from the series. “Mysterious Warrior” is about an army of dragon wolves called Jagred and Jaet, the first leader of Vortuxs. Jaet wants to meet the other half of dragon wolves in order to complete the task in “T.A.O.T.B.D.W.” Preserving his homeland, honoring his forefathers’ legacy, and figuring out who created their planet are all top priorities for Vortux’s leader. This EP is going to be a huge hit among Bramses Xalyxys’ fans.

Bramses Xalyxys is a multi-faceted artist who is known for his unique compositions. He is able to bring a unique cinematic vision to the arena of music through a mix of his abilities in cinematography and music. A large portion of his work centers on exploring and introducing previously unexplored interplanetary worlds. His most recent project, ‘Mysterious Warrior,’ is devoted to the characters and the story they tell. His music is influenced by a wide range of genres, including rock and metal, pop sound, and electronic dance music. So, if you haven’t heard Bramses Xalyxys’ ‘Mysterious Warrior,’ do it NOW! 

‘Mysterious Warrior’ is available on Spotify and YouTube. Follow Bramses Xalyxys on Instagram so that you don’t miss out on his upcoming projects and announcements. Stay Tuned!

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