Meet the Vaseline Ad Cast

If you’ve ever found yourself captivated by the soothing promise of Vaseline’s iconic ads, you’re not alone. With their focus on nourishing skin and protecting against dryness, Vaseline has become a household name in skincare. But beyond the product itself, have you ever wondered about the faces behind these memorable commercials?

Wonder no more! We’ve gathered the cast names of two of Vaseline’s most popular ads to satisfy your curiosity. In these commercials, you may recognize some familiar faces, bringing the message of Vaseline’s moisturizing prowess to life.

Be Winter Ready with Vaseline Deep Moisture Body Lotion Ad Cast 

This ad features two models whose radiant glow epitomizes the promise of Vaseline’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion range. With their captivating presence, they showcase the transformative power of Vaseline in achieving visibly healthy and radiant skin.

Aishwarya Ojha: Instagram @aishwarya.ojha
Sehaz Malh: Instagram @sehazmalhi

Vaseline Cocoa Glow Ad Cast

In this heartwarming commercial, both actresses take centre stage, portraying the comforting embrace of Vaseline Cocoa Care. Their portrayal embodies the brand’s commitment to providing deep moisturization and protection for even the driest skin, leaving you feeling nurtured and cared for.

Yogita Bihani: @iyogitabihani
Naina Bhan: @nainabee

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