When you want to know who you are, you need to embrace where you came from! This is the case for author Luisa Livorno Ramondo who has just published her debut novel, Beyond the Cobblestones. A story about a young girl’s determination and perseverance in the face of adversity!
Luisa grew up as the daughter of Italian immigrants in Philadelphia PA. “Being accepted as an American just because you lived here wasn’t a given,” she says. “I was different from everyone I grew up around; my parents spoke broken English, I was embarrassed about my lunch at school and I was bullied because of it. This made for a challenging childhood,” she states. However, she’ll be the first to tell you that these experiences taught her a lot about life and made her the person she is today.
Luisa has written a novel that audiences of all ages can enjoy. Beyond the Cobblestones is a heart-warming tale based upon true stories from her mother’s childhood, growing up poor in Orsara di Puglia, a small town in the south of Italy. The main character, Claudia Valentino, is a compilation of many women Luisa knows in her life, including herself.

Claudia lives in a very small town where the cobblestone streets are so narrow you can’t even have a car, not that there is any money for one. There’s no money, no food and barely any education. All around her is poverty and nothing to do but marry a local boy and start a family of her own. But she has a feeling that there’s more for her out in the world. Despite all the obstacles she knows she will face; she sets out on a very difficult and unknown journey that challenges her every step of the way. A journey that will either be the best thing she’s ever done or the biggest mistake of her life.
It is a story that reminds us that it is important to stay true to oneself and follow your dreams, no matter how difficult it may seem. Readers will feel inspired to take action in their own lives and follow their passions!

Luisa is affectionately known for her Italian heritage and nurturing traits. She is an award- winning real estate agent who lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and three sons. When she’s not writing or selling houses, Luisa can be found on the tennis courts, on a yoga mat, or in the kitchen.
Luisa is also known for her natural cooking abilities and effortless entertaining skills. Scents of tomato and basil waft through her welcoming home as she regularly delights her friends and family with Sunday dinners – experiences she’s carried from her own youth that have inspired this lively tale.
Next up for Luisa…the continuation of Claudia’s story! It will be available Fall of 2022 so stay tuned. You can connect with Luisa on her website or on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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