Italian Delicacies: Top 5 Pasta Dishes to Try this Summer

Italy is home to some of the best dishes in the world. The working-class people of Italy have always found a way to build great food to have good health and a good life. One of them is the invention of many pasta dishes across Italy.  

Each pasta dish has its own making process and ingredients to make it a go-to dish for everyone worldwide. Therefore, if you are a newbie to Italian dishes, it is time to shed your packaged pasta and try the authentic one.  

That’s why, in the next section, we will discuss the best pasta that you should try this summer. It will make your taste buds go crazy.  

Top Pasta Dishes to Try this Summer  

Pasta is one of Italy’s staple dishes. It is present in every Azzuri home. However, each area has its own process of making pasta. Hence, you get such a unique taste and texture that you keep yearning for more.  

Here are a few of the best pasta dishes to try –  


From the USA to Singapore, Lasagna is a dish everyone should know. It is a unique presentation of pasta that comes in a sheet. Over that sauce, and cheese are poured and baked until it’s crunchy on the outside and soft inside. More than 5 to 6 layers of pasta sheets are placed to create the dish.  

Also, slow-cooked minced beef will give you a burst of flavor once you put it in your mouth. Hence, it is one of the dishes that you should try this summer. One slice of Lasagna to fill your stomach, as it is so tasty and fulfilling.  

Pasta all’Arrabbiata 

If you want all fiery Romans, Pasta all’Arrabbiata is the perfect dish. All you need is angry tomato sauce and cook it for thirty minutes. You will get the best pasta to try out and learn more about different pasta made in Italy.  

The term angry comes from the making process of tomato sauce. Ingredients like dry red chilli peppers, garlic, and San Marzano tomato paste make the thrilling sauce with the perfect blend of spice and exotic. Therefore, you can try the dish to bask in delight and happiness. Lastly, don’t forget the red wine to get the best taste. 

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese 

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese is the most popular dish in Bologna. Most households have it for special occasions and just to taste the best in class. The dish perfectly combines cheese, sauce, pasta, and egg tagliatelle.  

It is one of those dishes that will make you fall in love with Italy and ensure that you find a job in Bologna and settle down. Moreover, Bologna is known to be creative with its dishes, as it is seen with Tagliatelle alla Bolognese. So, give it a try to taste the best version of pasta.  

Pasta al Tonno 

A coastal classic, Pasta al Tonno is all you need for a simple dinner or a lazy weekend getaway. It consists of pasta with tuna and a mixture of black peppers. It is one of the simple dishes to make quickly and works perfectly as a family get-together dish.  

If you visit the Mediterranean coast of Italy, you will find the dish in most houses. Why not enter one of the houses, have a glass of wine, and taste and see Pasta al Tonno? Surely, you will have a big smile on your face and travel across the coast.  

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe 

Are you looking for comfort food? We have one for you: Spaghetti Cacio e pepe. This ancient Roman dish is made with simple flavors like cheese, pasta, and ground pepper.  

The richness of the cheese will make you forget about Mac and cheese and have the dish instead. Moreover, it is available in almost every Italian restaurant. Just grab a bottle of wine, have the dish, and sail into ecstasy and comfort.  

Hand Signs Are Must  

In the end, we must include hand signs, which is how Italians communicate. The hand signs must become reflexive when you try the dish. This will surely give the Italian chef a bonanza and boost his confidence in making the best dishes.  

So, visit a modern Italian restaurant at Raffles place, and experience the best Italian delicacies.  


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