Interview With Author David Konrad

David Konrad is an adventurous dad who shares his love of storytelling not only with his twins, but with young readers around the world. He is the author of the Project Adventure Children’s Book Series. These action-packed, fun-filled mysteries feature characters that young readers root for again and again. His desire to make a difference in the lives of children is reflected in his writing.

Hello Author David Konrad, Welcome to BrandEducation! You’re a Dad, writing children’s books, what do your kids think of your work? 

My twin boys are seven years old at the moment, and they absolutely love it, which is great motivation for me. We used to read my books to them, a chapter a day, even when they were 5! They still occasionally mention references from the books, and talk about the characters, so I would have to say that the stories have definitely stuck with them…

 Do you think your kids will follow in your footsteps and write as well? 

Not if they’re smart! ☺ (Just kidding) I think that depends on what they’ll find most interesting during their school years. Obviously, being exposed to books and writing at home will have some influence on them, but who knows…

 Can you tell me why your books are great for kids? Would parents also enjoy reading them? 

My books have proven to be popular even with the parents, yes. Everybody loves a good, action-packed, adventure story, and the parents are no different. And the main reason why the kids love it is because the books are fun and easy to read. That was one of the main ideas behind this series – the books must be easy to read – real page turners, so the kids would be interested in reading. After all, that is what we all want – for kids to read more.

 Which is your favorite character in Project Adventure series? Are any of your characters based off people in your life? 

I’d have to say Ethan Gilmour, the main protagonist. He is loosely based on myself as a kid, only much improved, which makes him my favorite… But I love the other two main characters as well – Matt Sharkey, Ethan’s best friend, whose calm and quiet personality balances out their friendship, and of course, Lisa Moser, who is loosely based on my own wife (although more interested in Matt in the books). Lisa gives the boys a touch of seriousness and maturity, which, as we all know doesn’t come naturally for the boys.

 We live in a world of screens, what do you suggest to parents who are trying to get their children to read more books or play outside? 

Lead by example. As simple as that. Try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Read books. If you’re doing it, just take the kids along, and they’ll learn to enjoy it. 

 What is your favorite quote or excerpt in the Project Adventure series? 

“There was no fancy dive, no somersault, no arms spread wide open for maximum visual effect. I just slipped in, feet first, trying to keep my head and shoulders as dry as possible. At first, I was paralyzed for a long moment, all of the air rushing out of my lungs, just standing there on the muddy bottom of the river next to the ice raft. The water was beyond freezing. It felt heavy, like iron chains wrapped around my whole body, and it was very difficult to even move. I had no time to waste, I had to get going.”

 Is there another book in the series coming? 

Yes, there is. As a matter of fact, it should come in a few weeks’ time. It’s titled “Portrait of a Robbery”, and as one might expect, it’s got to do with missing works of art…

 Why do you think your books resonate with kids? 

Because they are unpretentious. The main goal of the series is to entertain kids, and take them on a fun, action-packed journey. And that’s exactly what they get with my adventure stories.

 What was your favorite book as a child? 

I loved to read anything by Karl May, a German writer, the author of Winnetou and other wild west based adventures.

To know more about him and his books, Discover more information on the website:

Listen to David’s interview on The Relatable Voice Podcast

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