How Booktasters helps authors

Being a self-published author can be challenging and filled with uncertainty. Among the numerous struggles that a self-publisher has to go through, promoting their book and getting reviews on it can be a hassle. Booktasters is one of the companies that values self-published authors and understands the challenge of getting honest reviews.

Booktasters is a book reviewing service that helps authors get honest reviews on their books. As a company, they recognize how important having reviews are for one’s book. People can be easily intrigued by a book’s cover design, its title, or the synopsis. However, if the book does not have reviews, or is not recommended by someone, people will most likely overlook it. Reviews are one of the most effective ways to influence individuals to read any book because people will trust other people’s opinions who have read the book more than  what the author has to say about their own book. Generally, readers do not easily trust what the author has to say about their own book because the author themselves will always have good things to say about it. After all, it is their own work.

With that in mind, Booktasters strives to get authors honest and genuine reviews. They have a community of around 50,000 bookworms who read the authors’ books that are presented to them purely out of interest. So, the reviewers give their honest opinions on a book they genuinely want to read. Moreover, the reviewers do not receive any monetary compensation of their input which also ensures the quality of the reviews that the authors receive. Instead, the reviewers are motivated by various gamification techniques. Gamification is the strategic implementation of game playing elements to encourage engagement. They can include, point scoring, competition with others, and getting rewards. These gamification techniques makes reading livelier and more fun for the reviewers which gives them the incentive to read, get involved in competitions, receive prizes, and enrich their knowledge with all the books they are reading from the great authors that Booktasters work with.

Furthermore, Booktasters connect authors with reviewers who empower them by helping them develop their writing and becoming a part of their journey. They do this through giving them honest feedback and constructive criticism that will further help them enhance their writing. In addition, the reviewers enrich the content of the book by giving their insights on the book they have read. They become the online references for them. They will help other readers to find the authors’ books and purchase them by posting their reviews on big platforms such as Amazon and Goodreads.

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