Gamification of the Gambling Industry: Focus Decreasingly on Winning Money

  • Winning money is the motive for 62.6% of gamblers; in 2007, the figure was 71.9%.
  • Gambling increasingly focussed on excitement, socialising and relaxation
  • With 65% penetration, the smartphone is the most frequently used device for online gambling
  • 10% of gamblers become aware of the subject through online video games
  • 37% of Germans consider online gambling morally acceptable in moderation, while only 31% are of this opinion worldwide (USA: 49 %, UK: 46 %) 

In 2007, winning money was still the primary motive for 71.9% of German gamblers, but this figure has now dropped to 62.6 %. It is instead increasingly about the experience: excitement, socialising and relaxation are increasingly important to gamblers. The gamification of the gambling industry is progressing rapidly, as shown in a new infographic by Onlinecasinomaxi.

As the infographic shows, there is an increasing fusion of video games and gambling; all in all, one in ten gamblers first gets into gambling through online video games. And the trend is an upwards one.

In terms of devices used, the smartphone now dominates the overall online gambling market with a market penetration of 65%. Meanwhile, Germans most frequently place online bets on sports, with 15% of gamblers using such services daily. Online slot machines and online poker are in second place, with 12% using these services every day.

Betting also has the highest market share in a worldwide comparison with 55% – casinos come in second place with 31%.

While gambling is becoming increasingly popular, many people still have their reservations about these services and offers. However, Germans are relatively open-minded about online gambling, with 37% of citizens finding moderate use of such services morally acceptable. Globally, the figure is only 31%.

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