Former attorney and law professor creates Ethics Squared to heighten the importance of ethics in all facets of life

Victoria Vuletich, a nationally recognized expert in ethics wants to get people excited about ethics and has launched Ethics Squared, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based firm focusing on educating individuals and groups on the importance of ethics and ethical decision making.

By including the biological, sociological and personality science dynamics involved in ethics decision making, Ethics Squared reinvents ethics education by illustrating how ethics is a practical and helpful tool in the workplace, in the public square and in relationships.

“Ethics is a powerful, everyday tool for navigating our complex world,” said Vuletich. “In recent years it has become more evident that ethics education is needed in more facets of live, such as business and for civic engagement. We need to keep this type of educational engagement interesting, practical and fun.”

Ethics Squared’s offerings include courses that focus on legal and business ethics, and classes that are open to groups that have a strong interest in health, morals, and civility. Attendees may end up dancing, pairing song lyrics with ethical principles or talking about hats, castles and moats.

Vuletich served nine years as staff ethics counsel and as the deputy director of the Professional Standards Division of the State Bar of Michigan, where she advised lawyers on how to resolve ethical dilemmas they faced in their cases. She later joined the WMU-Cooley Law School faculty where for thirteen years she taught Professional Responsibility, and continued ethics consulting for lawyers and law firms. Vuletich retains the title of distinguished emeritus professor at the law school. She is also a board member of the Western Michigan University Center for the Study of Ethics in Society.

In addition to Vuletich, former journalist and media Attorney Todd Fettig, and Attorney and Risk Management Consultant Aaron Hamming are presenters for Ethics Squared courses.

Courses being offered include:

  • Practical Tools for Navigating the Partisan Divide
  • Tools for Cultivating Ethical and Moral Resilience in a Seemingly Disintegrating Moral World
  • The Subconscious Drivers of Ethics Decision Making: Mindset, Personality Science and Conflicts between Important Values
  • Subconscious (and Conscious) Cognitive Decision-Making Dynamics Impacting Ethics and Morals
  • How Brain Chemistry Can Make Us More, or Less, Ethical
  • Hidden Dynamics Involved in Making Ethics Decisions:  Why Ethical Wellness is as Important as Laws, Rules and Codes of Conduct
  • Spirituality, Ethics and Morals:  They are not the Same Things
  • The Unwritten Norms of the Legal Profession:  A Workshop for Law Students and New Lawyers Building Their Professional Identities
  • Making your Company’s Code of Conduct Come Alive on an Everyday Basis
  • Hidden Dynamics Involved in Making Ethics Decisions:  Why Ethical Wellness is as Important as the Rules of Professional Conduct and Codes of Conduct
  • DEI and Ethics Education:   The Twin Pillars of Your Company’s Culture
  • Cultivating Brain Chemistry to Make us More Ethical, Better Problem Solvers and, Surprise: Happier!

Ethics Squared is currently working with the National Wellness Institute and Butler University Executive Education program to design the ethics curriculum for that National Wellness Institute’s Certified Wellness Practitioner designation. Vuletich has spoken on the topic of ethics at Hertford College at Oxford University, U.K.; the American Bar Association; and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and Foundation among others.

To know more about Ethics Squared visit

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